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  1. so we all know how bad the front finder looks on the Honda xr650l but what do you think would look the best ?...maybe a crf450 ..finder or a xr400 ..show us you pic's !
  2. every time it goes like this .....oh my Honda 125 will go 90mph ....oh my Yamaha 400 goes 130mph ....for all you people that say this to me ...just stop okay ..your full of shit
  3. Chinese dirtbike ....YOU &%$#@!ING PICE OF SHIT ....yeah this is my name for one of my dirtbikes haha
  4. okay so they say that all smog block off kits are not legal for highway use so what do you think I know a lot of people still do this ..is it legal in ks ..or not ?
  5. its red ..it just looks like its orange
  6. I have to say it can be life or death and man I say put one on every time you get on a dirtbike !
  7. so I want to get a new Honda xr650l ......but they do have some nice used xr650l's out there....its like 7000$ for a new one... but I don't know if I want to take a chance on a used bike ..what do you think ?
  8. so they say a stock Honda xr650l will go 110 mph...what I want to know is how fast can it go if you mod the shit out of it ?
  9. will like you guys say when pigs fly ...but damn it would be nice
  10. yeah that is true it is a bad ass bike and its good looking what more can you ask for ...bad damn it has been the same form the 90s and up
  11. okay so I would love to know if and when Honda is going to remodel the xr650l ...the xr650l is a bad ass bike ..but I think it needs a new look and some upgrades ...what do you think ?
  12. hey what's up ...I want to know if and when Honda is going to remodel the xr650l its a bad ass bike but will I think I can say this for all of us when are they going to ....Kawasaki did it to there 650 back in 2007 so why is Honda being so old school about this ?