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  1. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    KTM 50 LC Pro Senior Kicker Issue

    So awhile back I got my little brother a KTM 50LC Pro Senior. When I got it the clutch and brakes where toasted so I got that all up to speed and he stated doing laps around the yard. All things are good until a few weeks ago. We went out for an actual ride where he could open it up a bit. Few hours of seat time in we stop for lunch and hop back on the bikes. The little KTM isn't starting so I get over it for a few kicks and realize something is wrong. I instantly thought piston and rings due to the kicker being extremely easy to move. I pulled the dome off and realized that compression was good but I can basically just touch the piston and move the kicker with no movement from the piston. Not sure if its part of the kicking system that's messed up or the clutch is toasted again. Just looking for some insight before I dig in any more. I do notice that the kicker doesn't really "let go" after the kick, it just stops the piston and all at once.
  2. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    Should I buy a 250 2 stroke?

    I ride a YZ265 in technical woods and I have a blast but it's all about what you like/would like. I agree with the people that say you should invest in the KDX. I also love my mx 250. It's all up to you. My engine is bored and ported (for low end grunt) by Eric Gorr with an FMF Gnarly/Turbine Core 2. I set up the suspension for myself and threw a set of wrap around hand guards on it. I'm on the clutch (Hinson) a good bit but I don't mind and I love all the power on tap at any time I want it. It's a pure blast!
  3. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    Let me know when your ready to hit it
  4. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    Years ago I lived up in southern Illinois about three hours north west of here.
  5. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    West Tennessee dirt bikers?

    I would love to but I couldn't find anyone to ride with without going 4 hours so I volunteered to work this Saturday! Bummer man but I'm down in the future for sure!
  6. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    Woods racing

    I've done roughly 40 mile loops on my YZ265 close to two years now on the stock tank. Not once a problem...
  7. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    250r to 250f (blurring the line)

    I like it man. Good job
  8. WhyZeeTwoFiddy


    I'm working this Friday I'll have to wait till a better weekend to hit the woods with you guys. Let me know when your all headed out again.
  9. WhyZeeTwoFiddy


    I'm more in the Land Between the Lakes riding area haha
  10. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    That's a haul and a half from me. I just moved to Madisonville. I will have to hold off until it's a full weekend type thing
  11. WhyZeeTwoFiddy


    I'm in western Kentucky in Madisonville. That's a good haul for me. The riding would have to be all day and good stuff..
  12. WhyZeeTwoFiddy


    Anybody riding around Kentucky this weekend? I'm gonna hit something up just didn't wanna do it solo.
  13. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    Anybody getting into some trails this weekend. I'm gonna end up going somewhere just don't want it to be solo.
  14. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    West Tennessee dirt bikers?

    I'm trying to get into something this Saturday. Anybody down for a trip?
  15. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    West Tennessee dirt bikers?

    Good deal man. I would be down to ride Land Between the Lakes very soon here if you want to come up to KY. I've had good times there years ago when I lived in Southern Illinois. I'm new to the area so I know other places to ride but I'm not in the know on which places are better than others at this point