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  1. Gsxrstuntdrz

    We Can Rebuild Her... [Pic Heavy] [Stroker Content]

    Well you were right i was able to spin it out with a pick and a pair of pliers. Plus side of having almost enough spare parts to build another entire motor is I already had that bolt and didn't have to try and source it on a Sunday. Bad side of having all those parts is sometimes you tend to miss things that are installed on one set of cases and not another... Like this guy. &%$#@!. Looks like I'm splitting the cases again.... literally nothing to do but laugh at my stupidity. Now trying to determine the absolute bare minimum amount of disassembly I can do to get this thing in. No way in hell I'll be able to get the crank out of the right case half with that stupid pin wedged in the hole in the hot rods crank. Hoping I'll be able to just pull the flywheel and remove the left case half and leave everything in the right half. I literally have the entire bottom end assembled apart from the clutch and my plastic oil pump drive gear. Ha-Ha, I'm stupid.
  2. Gsxrstuntdrz

    12-14MPH and Spotters like no gas

    I always used Ricky Stator
  3. You mean you can't thread the puller onto the crank? Just use the primary nut
  4. Gsxrstuntdrz

    test rode my first drz, have a question

    Mostly street with some light off-roading go SM, mostly off roading with light street riding go S.
  5. Gsxrstuntdrz

    12-14MPH and Spotters like no gas

    I'll +1 that, had the exact same experience with a stator that tested in spec but caused misfires and stumbling until I gave up and just replaced it
  6. Gsxrstuntdrz

    We Can Rebuild Her... [Pic Heavy] [Stroker Content]

    Got a bit farther. Installed the counterbalancer driven gear making sure it was indexed correctly (punch marks must line up) Washer goes on then the nut which gets blue lock tite. Primary drive gear next Rub marks on the gear should help you tell which way it gets installed Need to pick up some red lock tite for the primary nut so I hand tightened and left myself a note Gear change mechanism is assembled next, made a small mistake here The mechanism is a little complicated to look at but easy to figure out. Two springs in the holes, pins and then the "wings" that get installed with the larger shoulder facing to the outside Screws get blue lock tite At this point I noticed my mistake... Service manual didn't mention this guy Disassembled my shift mechanism again to install it and the damn bolt sheared. Didn't see a torque spec so I shot for 15 ft/lbs, next time I'll use my wrist and my noggin like I should have. Shouldn't be a huge deal to get out but that puts a damper on what little time I had today. Gonna go buy a left handed drill bit and hope that pulls it out, and pick up some more lock tite while I'm at it. Bonus pic of the bike looking lonely, just noticed I have no front brake pressure, hoping it's just dirty fluid from sitting so long and I don't need a master cylinder Will be back at it tomorrow.
  7. Gsxrstuntdrz

    Bar Twist/ alignment

    Is your front wheel twisting or are your bars twisting? Under the upper triple are two nuts that hold the bar clamps on, make sure those are nice and tight The rubber killers will help you will just feel a little more vibration in the bars and they are slightly more likely to bend
  8. Gsxrstuntdrz

    12-14MPH and Spotters like no gas

    Sounds electrical to me, I'd be looking at my stator and r/r after draining the tank and adding fresh fuel
  9. Gsxrstuntdrz

    We Can Rebuild Her... [Pic Heavy] [Stroker Content]

    The hole in the crank for the pin that keeps the primary gear from spinning on the shaft.
  10. Gsxrstuntdrz

    Random pics.

    Makes me giggle every time I see these two next to each other
  11. Gsxrstuntdrz

    We Can Rebuild Her... [Pic Heavy] [Stroker Content]

    I know you guys probably forgot about me but I swear I'm gonna finish this. Had some trouble with my primary gear pin not fitting in the hole on the crank. Got distracted by some things.... got a new job, bought and sold a couple sport bikes (riding another GSXR at the moment, super clean K7 1000), bought a Z125, almost forgot about my 462. Finally decided to get back to it, got my pin in by heating with a propane torch, freezing the pin, and getting nasty with a set of channel locks.... Still need to find someone to install my adjustable sprockets on the WebCams. Hopefully that's my last big hurdle and I'll be riding the drz again in the spring. Don't think I'll be getting rid of the liter or the Z though even though the woman isn't too fond of such a large stable
  12. Gsxrstuntdrz

    Reviving a neglected DRZ

    Not a bad idea, will have to look into that. I deal with tucker rocky through work, if they have the kit I can get it even cheaper. Was trying to avoid pulling the motor apart but I will if it comes down to it. Have a kid really interested in trading for his sportbike and he is hounding me to come see it, but I don't want to do any kind of trade until im positive it's good to go. Would feel like a dick if im out ripping on his bike while he's chasing issues on mine.
  13. Gsxrstuntdrz

    Reviving a neglected DRZ

    Ok so for whatever reason when I came into work this morning it fired up with some fiddling. Ran okay too. Maybe it was the fuel treatment I used, but doesn't really matter as long as it runs haha. Still smokes pretty good though. The longer I let it run and blipped the throttle, the less it smoked. I'm hoping is just the rings and that they will free up with time. Going to try some penetrating oil down the spark plug hole on my lunch today, hopefully that helps.
  14. Gsxrstuntdrz

    Reviving a neglected DRZ

    No prime, on off reserve. I was kind of thinking the pilot jet too but it ran off choke once it started so I kind of ruled that out in my mind haha