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  1. kiwi45

    Valve Checks

    Thanks for the input on the Enfield. I have got a thing about simplicity and abundance of spare parts when I buy a motorcycle, they all tend to need a few spares as the miles buildup on the speedo. Hitchcock in the U.K. specalize in manufacturing Enfield parts for older models both Redditch built and Indian built models. As more of the unit construction EFI models enter the U.K. they will develope quality replacement parts for them also, ( only my belief that is ) . Bruce.
  2. I use a Giant Loop Great Basin it's the best money I ever spent. Fits both my KLR and XJ900 great product quite expensive but you get what you pay for well made practical worth the extra $s
  3. kiwi45

    Valve Checks

    I think my next bike will be the Indian built Enfield they don't have a lot of ground clearance but go pretty good on the unsealed roads lot of lowdown torque lightweight plenty of spare parts direct from India if required. No need to be in any hurry for me nowdays and plenty of time to enjoy the trips. I work on the theory that old age is a privilage not everyone lives to enjoy. Nothing wrong with the KLR 250 nice and light with good power, there is a resurgence in the 250cc range especially in the road bike selection. Bruce.
  4. kiwi45

    Valve Checks

    I only check valves clearances when I think it is time to have a check this can be anything from 10,000 kms - 20,000 kms, and should adjustment be needed I always set to the maximum clearance. I still work on the old adage of slappy tappets are happy tappets and that goes back 50 odd years with me, this rang true with pushrod motors. As long as you are within the manufacturers recommendations all has to be good. Oil changes every 3,000 kms and the filter every 6,000 kms if for some reason the fuel tank has to be removed I automatically replace the sparkplug, buy them by the box as my XJ 900 Yamaha shares the same heat range NGK- DPR8EA-9. Originally from N.Z. I saw the influx of Jap bikes and the demise of the British Iron Horses from 1958 on, The Japs had new plants cheap labour and die-casting alloy tecniques but they had a quality control issue back then which I feel they need to address in their Thailand assembly plants now. The Brit factories were obsolete and they were still sand casting the crankcases and cylinders etc. Having said that they did produce some very fine machines, a lot of them were not huge performers but all travelled comfortably at the legal speed limits of the day. The KLR 650 employs the same basic dated design as it had in 1984 that is why I decided to buy one.
  5. kiwi45

    Do you ride alone?

    I ride alone most of the time and have done for just on 54 years. There is only 3 trips I have done with 2 or 3 mates in this time and I road tail end charlie on those occassions. 2 trips of the South Island of N.Z. and another to the Far North tip of the North Island. However you do have to be careful as there is only that 1 person to help you should things go wrong or you break down you are that person. I do have the safety switch on the side stand bypassed and also the safety switch on the clutch bypassed, the reason for this being if you have the misfortune of the clutch cable breaking ( I recently did )miles from nowhere you can crank up on the starter in low gear and get yourself motoring again, gear changing with no clutch is no big problem.
  6. kiwi45

    Valve Checks

    Ride KLR 650 2004, I purchased it new and have done all maintainence on it. The only shim ajustment I have done was exhaust valves at around 50,000 kms. Have done over 100,000 kms now and am putting a new set of tires on tomorrow so I will take the tank off and check the valve clearances as well. I use valvemaster in the fuel for an upper cyclinder lube. The oil consumption is pretty well zero the only other work has been waterpump seals very early on at about 18,000 kms.