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  1. ToJo250X

    CRF250X setup for perfection !

    Manufacture identification here in Sweden are Faction MX Crankcase ventilation kit ( Yellow hose on red colored connections ) , this unit helps the engine to breath better by diverting heated gases away from the airbox !!. Have not spent some time taking pictures of the bike yet but appreciate the time of driving higher !! but it looks on the outside almost like an original CRF250X with some deviations , the big difference is on the inside ! .
  2. ToJo250X

    CRF250X setup for perfection !

    KTM has a Thermostat that you can install on your bike to prevent any uneven operating temperature , and they usually call it 55 celcius version . It works very well on any MX / Offroad bikes .
  3. ToJo250X

    CRF250X setup for perfection !

    No problem at all so fare !! , my system is the SR-8202A whit 6141-29 Flywheel and it works perfectly !!
  4. ToJo250X

    CRF250X setup for perfection !

    I did the job myself !! , and it made a big difference for me !! , but you need a few hours and a lot of patiance .
  5. ToJo250X

    CRF250X setup for perfection !

    CRF250X -10 model , Engine mods: Athena 280cc kit , FMF Mega power + Q4 exhaust syst parts , Twin Air Powerflow intake kit , Trail Tech heavy flywheel , Jetting mods for Scandinavian area , Pulse Racing Fuelscrew , Faction MX Crank vent mods , Pink wire mods . Chassie mods: CrossPro Aircraft tech alu skid plate / engine protect , CrossPro Radiator protection , Race Tech Gold Valves ( Comp / Rebound / Mid ) + Öhlins 5w race fluid , Öhlins TTX rear suspension ( mod: type CRF250R-09 head for fitting X-frame ) , Bark buster handle protectors , Trail Tech Vapor instruments , Michelin S12 Tyres , 12T Renthal front sprocket , KTM type 55c Thermostat . Lighting mods: HID 35W front light , Trail Tech stator + flywheel kit 70w , CRF450X Battery . *** This combination is close to state of the art !! , and gives you lots of joy out in the woods with mass of power gain and a superb handling suspension.