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  1. nezz621

    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    its 400x1, not 10 lol. And more importantly I'm the faster rider. But I guess I could hang back and get some go Pro footage of that sexy twin pipe yosh exhaust
  2. nezz621

    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    I was present for this inaugural ride and I also happen to be one of the KTM riders and we were NOT kick starting our bikes.... maybe once or twice haha BTW I tested that antigravity 8 cell battery and it kicks ass! I ordered one and will have it for this weekend
  3. nezz621

    Engine Gasket not tight

    I own a 2011 KTM 300XC. I had an oil leak at the bottom of the engine case gasket. I replaced it, but now i have a few potential issues. Here's what I did. I removed the clutch cover and clutch. I took off the the engine case, removed the old (worn) gasket and replaced it with a new one. I put the engine case back on, along with the clutch and clutch plates and cover. The engine case was not making a tight fit. I pulled gently on the kickstarter and everything just seemed to line up and fit together. After that i bolted everything back together. Unfortunately the case isn't making a good seal with the new gasket. The old leak is gone, but the Gasket is slightly loose at the top part of the case. There is a wet/oil spot where it is loose. Also I notice the kickstarter seems to slip occasionally when starting the bike. Any thoughts on where I went wrong? I was thinking of just using a gasket sealer on the outside of the gasket so I wouldn't have to take it all apart again, however the kickstarter issue is worrying me.