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  1. That happened on my 15 500exc , dealer put a new instrument cluster on and it's fine now. No charge.
  2. I live in So Cal and ride year around , It's 8 miles from my house to all the trails and mountains in the Angeles National Forest , just gear up and go no hauling .
  3. Sorry good luck wish I could help.
  4. Cool
  5. Yes I have one .
  6. Spacers pop right out , 1756 miles on them and 3rd rear tire everything looks fine , I checked the manual and flash drive I got from husqvarna and checked the cafe husky forum and they all seem to have the same info , that's why I hit you guys up about the specs on my KTM , it was so much different. Thanks again .
  7. Thanks double checked my 12 Husky 310 and it is 104.8 , what a difference , glad I hit you guys up.
  8. Appriciate it thank you for your responses.
  9. What foot pounds do you torque your rear wheel nut , my Husky is 104.8 ft lbs .
  10. Thank you for your quick response.
  11. Hey guys gonna change the tire on my 15 500exc and was wondering if I could just move the tire forward and remove the chain or do I have to take the master link off . Thanks
  12. Gotta admit my riding parter rides an xr400 and it's bullet proof , I ride my 500 and also my husky te 310 that's alot of fun.
  13. I grew up in Northern MI , all my family still lives back there , living in California now but would love to bring my bikes back there on day in the fall , growing up always rode atv s and snowmobile s . Enjoy your bike.