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  1. Please help. My wife is an experienced trail rider and has absolutly no intrest in riding on a track, or jumping for that matter, but she needs more power. She has a 2005 ttr125le that she bought new and loves it on the trails but it is hopless in the dunes - even with mild rider like her. She bought a 2006 crf250x and really likes the power but it is waaayyyy to big for her - I did just about everything i could to lower it and it's still to tall and it is much to heavy for her, she ended up giving it to me (sweet for me!). For christmas I was going to hop up her bike, but after much research I feal that hoping up a ttr125 would just be putting lipstick on a pig. So I decided to buy her another bike, it needs to be a small bike, she's about 5' 2" (and kind of on the heavy side) - the size of the ttr125 is about perfect for her. I've prety much decided between the klx 140L and the crf150r. There is a klx 140L big wheel and crf150r small wheel within $100 of each other on craigslist near me. Around me the crf150r small wheels are much cheaper than the big wheels. I'm leaning twards the 140 because she really wants electric start and the 140 is green stickered which is a big plus here is Kaliforia. The 150 is lighter and has more power which is great but the kick start and red sticker are big turnoffs. I know the 150 has better suspension, but like I said, she will never ride on a track and if she ever jumps it will be on accident. I considered buying a two stroke just for the dunes because she already said she will not give up the ttr but she hates two strokes and doesn't want one (picky, right?). Please help me dicide, thanks.