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  1. Wen I rev my bike it ok but soon as let go of the throttle it will backfire and pop, can this be stopped
  2. Adjusted my tappets and seems to have worked, not been out on it properly yet, my intake was to tight, and exhaust was well loose
  3. Ok thanx will try that
  4. My pit bike is a bit spluttery/groggy wen first get going in 1st gear, if take it quite slow it will happen in second gear as well for couple of seconds, any help please
  5. Just wondering if the clutch of my stomp 140 lifan engine wud fit on my demon x 125
  6. I put a helicoil in so that all fine now, there's a spark but still not starting
  7. Tuk carb apart all clean, not tried jets!!
  8. I've got a stomp 140cc that won't start, I changed the stator as the sensor broke had new coil and ht lead, bike has a spark but will still not start
  9. Spark plug just shoots out wen kick it up, having a helicoil fitted today, hopefully sorts it
  10. Wud it start tho??
  11. I've replaced the stator on my pit bike and now have a spark, but will still not start, the spark plug does not screw in properly, will this stop it from starting??
  12. No look I have got a spark now tho, the spark plug don't screw in properly tho, will this cause it not to start??
  13. Replaced the stator yesterday just got to put fly wheel on today and top up with oil, so will let u no if running
  14. I was reading up online, that it could be the stator as when the chain slips off it can sometimes snap it, which that sends a signal to get a spark
  15. Tried the spark plug, no difference