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  1. fc3sna

    drz400s jetting help

    Also the bike starts without choke
  2. fc3sna

    drz400s jetting help

    Ok so let's say I have the dynojet kit, and a 160 main, 145 main, and 2 different 25 pilot jets and the carb has the extended air/fuel screw, not sure which one, it's got a round head with one flat spot in it. I do not have the stock pilot jet or stick fuel screw, where to go from there. The bike cruises fine at 45mph and up but in lower gears and speeds it feels like it's missing or choking, and throttle response other than full throttle it's hesitant and anything but smooth.
  3. fc3sna

    drz400s jetting help

    So seeing as it was lean with a 145 main, 25 pilot, and dyno jet needle, you're saying pit in a 142.5 main
  4. fc3sna

    drz400s jetting help

    I guess it helps to connect the vacuum line to the carb from the petcock too. It's way better now, haven't rode it yet because now I'm on to my next mission, leaking oil from the front sprocket. Thanks
  5. fc3sna

    drz400s jetting help

    Ok so I just bought the bike a week ago, it came with a full yoshimura rs-2 exhaust, 3x3 mod, and a twin air filter. the bike was backfiring a decent amount so I pulled the spark plug to check it and it was a little lean based off that. so I then ordered a dynojet kit and not paying attention got a stage one kit, so I then sourced a 160 main and 25 pilot locally to make up my jet kit. pulled the carb apart and dun dun it's jetted already with: 145 main 25 pilot different needle, looks like the new dynojet with 6 spaces and the air fuel screw replaced so what I did is put in all the new stuff: 160 main 25 pilot New needle, on the 3rd from the top air fuel screw out 3 turns bike well only start full choke, stumbles on half and won't start or run with out the choke. off I try to give it gas it dies no matter where the choke is. the other thing off the 160 main has a bigger head on it but it fit no problem in the little plastic clip thing. any help, oh I'm at sea level.....0 altitude. thanks