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  1. krs2113

    Rmz 250 tank

    Alright guys this weekend I talk to the obermeyer Suzuki gncc team they are racing xc1 with the 450. But long story short is they have a couple of guys in lite A class on the 250 so they have been in contact with ims on a tank. But we need everyone's help I myself talk to ims today and they would like and email and info for all that would be interested in a tank so I ask go on imsproducts.com and email them the more feed back the more they are wNting to move forward. Thanks again. Sorry fi bikes 10-16
  2. krs2113

    2008 rmz250 HELP RACING SOON

    I can't remember I have a 2013 now but I think I screwed it all the way in and backed it off to half But not real sure been a while. Sorry
  3. krs2113

    2008 rmz250 HELP RACING SOON

    Yes for sure the problem it's the air fuel mix screw had it fall out my 07 would not idle pop like hell only run have ass unless wfo
  4. krs2113


    I have the same problem but on a rmz250 13. Will that set up work on that bike
  5. krs2113

    Yz 125 2006 swingarm pivot bolt stuck!

    I used a air hammer and drove it out then bought a new bolt cuz old one was trashed then put grease on the new bolt so next time it comes out easier
  6. krs2113

    Rattlesnake team/ironman

    Where is it?
  7. krs2113

    Hair scramble or MX series in Northern Georgia

    Sorcs.net they have a winter series starts dec 29 I think it's 5 races all with in 2 hr from atl then the reg series will start after the last race in feb
  8. ++++ For sure on the oversize tank
  9. I live in ga and my buddy just bought a 13 3 months ago out the door for 5300 even check around if you check yamaha of bryon they also have a sweat 13 used for like 4500 I know the guy that used to have has no hrs he had it 2 months it was just not his thing traded for a street bike
  10. krs2113

    Protaper MX chain

    Renthal gold chain IMO is the best chain I seem to get more life out of it that any other. An o-ring out lasts my sprockets
  11. krs2113

    Fox comp 5s

    O and get a size bigger than your shoe size they run small I wear a 10 had to get an 11
  12. krs2113

    Fox comp 5s

    I have a pair a little soft once broke in had a pair of tech 3 before loved those just got a better deal on the fox there ok for the $$
  13. krs2113

    Spring change

    That worked me and a buddy did it in about 15 min thanks a lot
  14. krs2113

    Spring change

    Cool ill try that Ty
  15. krs2113

    Spring change

    Any one got any ideas other the manual to change my fork spring 2013 Rmz250 I have a spring compressor that don't work I'm trying to keep from paying 180$ for a socket And ideas as for how much oil to put in the other fork I'm 160 race hs/mx c rider