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  1. sikpuppy

    Best place to buy arai??

    Tried ebay. Im looking specificlly for the windam red/black or silver/black in medium or maybe large. And $439 is all I found on ebay.Thats hardly a good deal.
  2. Just looking for the cheapest deal on an Arai VX PRO Windam. Anybody know of any closeouts??
  3. sikpuppy

    Best place to buy arai??

    Looking for the cheapest place to buy an Arai VX pro Windam. Anybody know of any closeouts?
  4. sikpuppy

    new crf 250r 05

    that magazine aint rode the crf for 90 mins!the seat aint @%!!. ???????? The mag test riders have more seat time on all the new models then you do on your couch..
  5. sikpuppy

    Is 100 octane fuel ok?

    AMEN. Only Ultimate 4 will help.Higher octane fuels will actually rob horsepower from 4 strokes.Its a proven fact.
  6. sikpuppy

    new crf 250r 05

    Thats funny because alot of the MX mags are saying the CRF has one of the best seats in motocross
  7. sikpuppy

    42 Pilot Jet on '05 CRF250R

    GUTCHESS What area are you riding in?
  8. sikpuppy

    brake pads - type/brand

    (866)ferodo1 They will tell you where a local dealer is.
  9. sikpuppy

    brake pads - type/brand

    Ferodo sintered compound pads are by far the best ive found.
  10. So with motomans theory on break in applied to a CRF would you basically start it up, let it warm up and just do some hard track time,verying RPM's? Isnt there a chance of the valves not seating properly? Is this the method that everyone has been using? Just wondering because my 05 hasnt even been run yet(no prep or fluids even) and I want to make sure I get the most out of it.
  11. sikpuppy

    shaking problems

    Make sure your sag is adjusted correctly.If that dosnt help you can try moving the forks in the clamps a little bit.That should bandage the problem.Then there is always steering stabilizers
  12. Of all the stupid risky things I do I go and fracture my back picking up my daughter the other day.I got a call from my buddy at his shop yesterday telling me 12 05 CRF250R's just showed up.So I thought I would make myself feel better by going and picking mine up,bad idea.Now I have this beautiful new bike that ive been waiting months for sitting in my garage and I barely have enough energy to sit on it without screaming with pain much less taking it out for a spin.This is worse then chinesse water torture.Just had to get my frustration out.This sucks.
  13. sikpuppy

    steel valves the fix?

    Just wondering with all these problems on the 250f's if anybody has thrown in steel valves.Ive heard from some people that this will fix the problem but it dosnt seem like very many people have done it,so im assuming there is alot more to it.Im waiting on my 05 but have been told the problem still exists.I love honda but definitely do not want to deal with this,it dosnt sound like very much fun.
  14. sikpuppy

    Am I to big?

    Thanks for the info guys
  15. sikpuppy

    Am I to big?

    Ive been riding a 450 for the last couple years but have always thought its alot funner to race the 125 class.Problem is even a fully mod.2 stroke tiddler can barely pull me around the track without smoking clutch plates much less be at all competitive.So my question is will the 250F be sufficent enough?Im 6'1, I weigh 190 in my birthday suit and am a novice class rider(in socal anyway) Anybody about my size with some track experience on the 4 stroke with some info would be greatly appreciated.