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  1. TheOriginalEsoz

    Guys I need some help with jetting!

    Thanks guys. Ill give it a shot and report my findings.
  2. TheOriginalEsoz

    Guys I need some help with jetting!

    So I have a 02 650l with a Twin Air filter, snorkel removed, white bros. E series with nine plates and desmogged. I knows shes probably running on the lean side. My question is should I do the Dyno Jet kit, just rejet it or do Daves mod and rejet. And what size jets should I run? Im in so cal and ride between 0 and 5000 feet but mostly sea level. I know this may have been answered in another forum but I havent seen it. I know you guys are the experts.
  3. TheOriginalEsoz

    Show your PIG

    My 02's. My XRR has suspension work, uncorked and after my brother managed to blow it up built to the moon. My XRL is bone stock other then a pipe, uni filter and bars.