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  1. surfnjmatt

    NewJersey EHTPAL

    Has anyone ridden the eht pal park? was thinking of riding or getting a yearly pass but its $70 for a one day pass. A bit pricey to check it out
  2. surfnjmatt

    NewJersey Millville FOD trails park?

    Has anyone been out to the trails portion of the FOD park? wondering if its worth the money
  3. Thanks Guys, Fitness should not be a problem. I have been doing triathlons for years and am actually doing Ironman Florida in 3 weeks. I may not be in "riding" shape but the fitness is there. Thanks again for the advice!!
  4. So after Lurking on Thumper Talk and watching some neoc last year in Millville I got the bug and bought a kdx 220, I used to ride a lot as a kid and teen but now Im 40 and ready to jump back in. I have a few questions after watching a ton of youtube clips. 1. Will my KDX be good enough for C senior? Seems like everyone has newer bikes 2.What organazztion should I try to get a number in NEOC or ECEA 3. Is it normal that I am this amped!! also any tips would be great Thanks
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if those of you running protapers are running the 7/8th or the fat bars with the adapters? If you are running adapters do you have any issues with cable length and will the controls turn signal etc... Fit over the larger bars. Thanks in advace