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  1. Thank you Sir!! You guys are AWSOME!!!
  2. Darn it! Sorry folks, I forgot the most important info for my question!! She is stock for now, 550 miles, I plan to get the MRD exhaust, and the 3X3 mod when I jet the bike, perhaps later an FCR 39 when the ex wify stops taking me to the cleaners.
  3. Hello folks! new to the site and it rocks! old bike guy though, just have a question with JD jet kit, yes I know gents, I have searched high and low but I can not find the correct jet setting for my altitude. Close but just not sure. I am in Oklahoma City and from the research I have found that for my settings I need the following : Okc is 1295 above sea level 160 main Blue needle on 4th (or 3rd?) 22.5 factory pilot? 25 with extended Kientech and 2.75 out? I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I would like the knowledge here to help me do it right the first time around. Thank guys and gals!! love this site!!