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  1. crzna442

    I have a problem, but I don't know what it is!

    I fixed my problem. I put in a Hinson clutch - no more problems. I know this is a bit of an older topic but I hate when you are following a topic and the issue never gets resolved and you are left hanging so I thought I would at least post what fixed our issues.
  2. crzna442

    I have a problem, but I don't know what it is!

    Sorry, I don't have a solution but I am curious if you found out what your problem was or if anyone has any further ideas. My son has the same bike and we are going through clutches like crazy. I will concede that he is just coming off a YZ 125 which he rode hard and usually placed 2nd in a 250 class. I know the 4 stroke is a whole different deal and he doesn't need to clutch a whole lot and initially that was what I thought the problem was but we talked about paying attention to his clutch use /habits and after he and I watched closely it doesn't appear that he is abusing the clutch. At the rate we are changing clutches it would have to be very noticeable but it wasn't. He only got about 3 laps of practice one day plus maybe 5 laps of practice another day before the clutch was fried. After the 5 laps everything seemed to be fine and I checked the freeplay before he went out for his moto and it was all good but immediately on the starting straight he was done. I could tell that it was fried and he went about a half lap before he pulled off. The clutch had the typical burnt smell and the bike just seemed really hot. I pulled the clutch out and sure enough everything was fried. I replaced everything now; steels, fibres, clutch hub and filed the basket but it really didn't need it yet. So yesterday we went out to ride a bit at a track and he maybe rode 15 minutes in total. It seemed fine and I am a bit paranoid now but I took the clutch apart when we got home and it doesn't seem too bad however the most inner plates are starting to blue already. I'm scared it's gonna go on him at the next race again and I'm starting to feel bad that he can't get in a whole race day. I change oil lots with a good oil - Torco 15 w 40 wet clutch compatible. I use OEM plates. Then when I do a search on the internet about this I find that even when MXA tested the KX 250F they found that the clutch was starting to go on them early and suggest stiffer springs (which I also have installed) or they also suggest a Hinson clutch so clearly they had problems with it as well. I'm just wondering if anyone has figured anything out yet. Starting to look at Yamahas again!!
  3. crzna442

    yz 125 clutch push rod

    Just our local circuit - last one of the season.
  4. crzna442

    yz 125 clutch push rod

    HA !! You were absolutely right!! I really didn't want to split the cases and the whole time I was taking the motor out of the bike and stripping it down I almost talked myself out of doing it - just because the bike had been working so good and the shaft felt solid as I tried to wiggle it from the clutch side so I figured the far side bearing must still be good. NEVERTHELESS I went ahead and split the cases and sure enough that bearing on the left side crankcase, where the shaft that houses the push rod runs inside of, well that bearing was completely destroyed - haven't seen a bearing that screwed up in a long time. I've got all new bearings on order and hopefully my son can be riding by the weekend again. Looks like a good cleaning is in order as well. Man that bearing was mashed up!!!! Thanks - had I not joined this forum to ask this question I am certain I would have installed the new push rod and put the kid back on the bike.
  5. crzna442

    yz 125 clutch push rod

    Shucks! I was hoping you wouldn't say that but you're right that is not much money just the down time is the main concern. I guess maybe he will have to ride a 250 this weekend rather than take the chance. thanks!!
  6. crzna442

    yz 125 clutch push rod

    No it wasn't still on the stopper - it was worn right off. I looked through the case as good as I could at the time to try and find pieces of it but they were nowhere to be found. I even used a scope camera to see to the other side but nothing. I realize that the pieces may have been in there somewhere and I just couldn't see them but I figured maybe the pieces came out when the previous owner changed the oil and he didn't know what they were and I kind of passed it off as maybe that's why he sold the bike. I'm kind of hoping that no bearings are ruined inside. I wiggle the shaft in which the push rod goes into but there is no play in it. There is one race left this season and I was kind of hoping to just install the push rod and let the kid race it but I am a little scared that there might be something else wrong in there.
  7. crzna442

    yz 125 clutch push rod

    I bought a 2006 YZ 125 for my son this spring that had very few hours on it - actually when I picked it up it looked like it came off the show room floor. It still had warning / caution stickers on the fenders and no scratches at all. The problem I ran in to today is a broken clutch push rod. I did some searching on the internet and it seems that lots of people had this same problem back in 2005 and 2006 but I haven't found any real answers. I'm guessing that since this bike had very few hours on it that I am having the same problem now that lots of people were having 7 years ago. I changed the shift stopper lever right aways as preventitive maintenance about 4 months ago. Is there a fix for this broken push rod? It seems that some people were replacing the push rod only to have it brake again right aways. I also noticed that some people were replacing the OEM push rod with a solid steel push rod made by a company in the UK but that appears to be no longer available. I also checked to see if the OEM part # was different on a 2013 YZ 125 thinking that maybe they cane up with a better design but it is the same part #. However that really doesn't help me because it doesn't tell me if the 2013 uses the same push rod as the 2006 did or if there has been a change up and the part # that I am looking at for the 2006 is already an updated part. Does anyone have any expertise with this problem?