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  1. UPDATE ALERT! Bike is purring like a kitten. I did a few things at once so I am not sure what exact thing changed, but the bike can get hot, and starts right up. I went home and pulled the plug, cranked it a few times to clear any fuel out, and cleaned the plug. I was getting great spark so no issues there. I pulled the pump out again and made sure all my connections were good, and that I was actually getting flow through the filter. When I re-installed everything in the tank I made sure no lines were linked. I disconnected the battery and reset the ECU along with doing a throttle reset before starting the bike. When I buttoned her all back up she purred like a kitten. My gut feeling is that the pump was bad, and when I put the new one in I kinked one of the fuel lines in the tank during re-installation. If you have ever been in there you know it is a freaking mess! Anywho, thought I would update everyone on my solved problem in case someone else runs into this same deal in the future. Thanks, Joshua
  2. Hello thumpertalk! I have been lurking around the forum for about a year now (basically a few months before I bought my Duke), and until now I really haven't had a reason to post because my bike hasn't had many troubles. I have searched all over to try to find a fix, but I am still at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!! 2010 KTM DUKE 690 STOCK (bought it at 1300 miles, now has 2800 and has been trouble free with no stalling incidents or anything..... till now) About a month ago I was riding home, and stopped at a friends house to drop something off. When I was about to leave after about 10 minutes the bike would not start. I thought this was strange, but went inside for a couple of minutes to b.s. with him and when I went back outside she started right up. Mmmm maybe just a strange glitch. About 2 weeks later I was heading to work and stopped at the gas station. After a fill up I had the same problem....no start. I started doing some searching on my phone and learned about the "bad fuel pump: issues. I let the bike cool down and it started up. I went to work, and was there for 12 hours. When I went to leave though the bike would not start. It had plenty of time to cool, but I couldn't get it started. I assumed the fuel pump just finally gave up so I got it home and ordered the CA fuel pump. I got the pump in this week and had some time to pop it in yesterday. After getting it installed I went to crank up the bike, and nothing. It sounds like it is priming, but it just cranked until the battery went flat. I went though and made sure everything was reconnected properly and that all the fuses were good, but the bike just will not start. If anyone has any ideas on a fix, or has experienced this in the past and could help I would greatly appreciate it. I am just stumped. I figured it had to be the fuel pump with the symptoms, but obviously not. Thank you again for any assistance! -Josh