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  1. Congrats man your a loser troll I'm asking for help and your wanking to My feed .... Get a life mate
  2. It's a 1992 rm 250 rockspider oh wait slider .... It says it on the post learn to read .... Just a suggestion
  3. Look at the heading &%$#@! wit or is reading too hard for you ? Also Im on my phone and I only have three options you retard .... Learn to read ... Just a suggestion
  4. It's a 1992 model I've pulled it all out and cleaned it up now so it's all moving freely now having trouble remembering how to put the top half of the actuator rod assembly back together like the spring and stuff ..... Stupidly enough didnt take any pics of it...
  5. Hey need some help with putting the actuator rod assembly back together just the top bit where it attaches to the power valve like the plastic bit spring and so on I took it apart and with a extended wait for parts have forgotten how it goes back together properly and don't want to stuff it up ... Any pics or info would be great as I've exhausted my google search cheers.
  6. Hey my bike is hitting powerband but has been jumpy and delayed sometimes not even kicking in I've pulled the head off and the valves have a lot of crap on them but still move fairly easy ..... Anyone got any ideas if they just need a clean or it's something more major ?? Thanks people
  7. Yeah but would one off a newer model rm for it ? Lots of wrecked bikes around that I can pick up a carby cheap like will Yamaha Kawasaki fit ?
  8. Hey I bought a 1992 suzuki rmx250 and I'm wondering what sort of carbies I can put on it ? Will different makes and or models fit ?