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  1. Before investing in racetech?
  2. Not to be a smartass but standard isn't a number haha
  3. I'm around 155 without gear
  4. If I don't care to much about changing the rebound would just changing the springs be good enough?
  5. Okay maybe not the rebound, but the compression yess
  6. The kdx forks are adjustable haha but which forks did you use?
  7. Enduro requires soft suspension..
  8. Dustin.bernhard

    KDX 220 keeps slipping out of 1st gear

    Have the same problem but mine doesnt stay in neutral
  9. I'm doing most of the stuff myself I just figure its better to pay a bit more instead of taking the chance of doing it wrong for the more complicated things like redoing the engine(it's never been redone) and jetting (also never been done) for the suspension I read to just change the springs for racetech .38 for my weight, would that be good or should I really change the whole forks, i've already started installing stuff so its a bit late to back out of that haha, besides i'm very happy with my purchases thus far, tested out the new pipes today
  10. Thank you, i'll be riding in and around quebec,canada longest drives out from montreal area are about 5-6 hours, do you have any suggestions for the guards? i've already smacked my wheels and who knows maybe even my brakes a few times against rocks( usually from the side coming down something steep), physically i'm in pretty good shape, 23, stocky, will be quitting smoking over the winter as well as trying to eat healthier, i've heard a lot about swapping out the piston but despite the bikes age I haven't had any problems with the piston yet, is it possible it's not a faulty one? Completely forgot to add this into the first post but how long do you reckon a 14.5L tank will last in terms of enduro kilometres?
  11. Dustin.bernhard

    A Day's Work...So Close to Impossible

    Now this is the type of place I need to practice my enduro
  12. So next summer I plan on trying to race at least a few enduros, I came here instead of kdxrider because it was proving not very user friendly, as the title suggests it's a 2001 kdx220r, as for the non bike aspects of getting race ready everything seems fairly simple and doable over the course of the winter, but in terms of the riding aspect i've already ordered the fmf desert pipe& turbinecore2 silencer, as well as hand guards, a skid plate and a pipe protector, as well as all the wearables I was missing ( hydration pack, collar protector etc), i've been riding for about 12 years or so now, but not once have I ever played with the carb or cylinder, they kinda scare me, so i'm basically wondering if rejetting, aftermarket reeds, cylinder mods and other things i'd probably have done by a dealer really make that big a difference, now I know a few of you are probably going to start by saying, just race to have fun, but part of the fun for me IS seeing how well I can do, of course i'll be racing in the lowest class, but I will be trying to race as many enduros as possible (between 5-10 a season in my province) so I want to make sure my bike doesn't take away from the fun, also, even though this post is more for the bike any advice is good, also how long do you reckon a 14.5L tank will last in terms of kilometres?
  13. Dustin.bernhard

    2001 kdx 220r swing arm slack?

    thank youu
  14. Dustin.bernhard

    2001 kdx 220r swing arm slack?

    After returning from riding today I noticed swing arm slack, maybe an inch or so kind of hard to judge but by this I mean the swing arm moves about an inch before the back shock starts to compress, at the same time for some reason my chain became extremely loose which was an easy fix of course but i'm left with only 2 notches before its time for a new chain so my questions are could the slack have affected the chain? how bad is it to have swing arm slack is this something I should look into fixing right away? if so how much would it cost approximately? I'm only worried because i noticed my old bike ( 1993 yz 80) has no swing arm slack.
  15. Dustin.bernhard

    Kawasaki KDX220R (2001)


    3 years now and considering the year it never seizes to amaze me, I really understand why they call it the woods weapon