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  1. Paranoia

    Crankshaft side play

    Yes. Noisy like tic-tic-tic (ticking). I've checked cam chain, shims with clearances, but noise still exist, after I remarked this crankshaft play. Thank you for reply.
  2. Paranoia

    Crankshaft side play

    Hello. WR250F 2003, when I press, it plays (backlash) about 1/16″ (1-2 mm). It's ok? Sorry for my bad English. Video (enable sound):
  3. Paranoia

    Water Pump Mechanical Seal Problem

    Thanks for replies! I just put "head" of the seal back. And replaced washer (#7, 90447-KE1-000) to much larger washer, like that (don't have photo): By that I got tighter seal squeeze and as result — no leaking :). That's right. I'm not expert or some mechanic, but I think construction of older CRF's was ok:
  4. Hello. My CRF450R 2011 have leaking (oil with coolant) from water pump drainage hole: I install new mechanical seal (7), oil seal (16) and new bearing (15): Filled new coolant and run my bike, all was fine, but after 15 minutes I got heavy coolant leaking: Disassembled again and noticed that "head" of mechanical seal is disconnected: What's can be wrong? Looks like problem with slight tightening (torque) (12 N/m) of impeller (part #6)? Sorry for my bad English.
  5. I'm sorry for bump, but I have exactly same problem with my DR-Z400S after ~month keeping in garage. My battery is ok and starter works, all spinning (rolling?) inside and mini gear on photo (attachment) spinning (rolling?) by torque limiter. But nothing more, just sound of spinning.
  6. Paranoia

    Model of this Bike?

    Thanks a lot! If you are interested, screenshots from this movie: The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)
  7. Hello. Someone know model of this Bike (attachment)? Hope I selected correct forum section. Sorry for my bad English. Regards.