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  1. Chris_s_9

    Crf 250 gear shifter hitting engine casing

    Thanks for the advice i think il order one tomoro.
  2. I have a 08 crf 250 im haveing problems hitting neutral between 1st and 2nd i noticed the shift lever is touching the engine caseing i have fitted a new shift lever and its still touching im now thinking the shift spindle could be bent looks ok too look at but not sure if the problem could be inside any one had any experience off this
  3. Chris_s_9

    08 crf 250 shifting problems

    I have a 08 crf 250r and haveing trouble going between 1st and 2nd hits neutral then will go in to second when you keep lifting the shifter makes a bit off a rattleing sound also once its in 2nd its fine and fine comeing down tried a new shift lever and new oil in the transmision. Thanks in advance for any help.