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  1. Sicaz66

    Xr650r retuning with an edelbrock

    They claimed to and sent it right out..only problem was it was not threaded. I ended up tapping it out quite easily( it is pretty soft brass) I used a 32-10 tap. seems to be working fine.
  2. Sicaz66

    Xr650r retuning with an edelbrock

    Figured it out myself... New AP plunger I just got from ebrock wasn't threaded.ended up tapping it and installing. Put in 19e needle at 16 clicks from full rich,new header and pipe. After a full on workout kicking it I got it to start,was popping and bogging indicating lean? Turned it back in to 6 clicks from full rich,and started after about 20 kicks. Reset AP screw from 3 turns to 2 1/2. Now it starts first few kicks. Rode it and it feels like a whole new bike. Definatly will pull the front up if it's not burning out! Gonna lean it out a little as I think it's a little too rich now. Spent more time looking for the little needle that fell out of the bowl when I walked to the garage to get an Allen wrench to remove the AP.got lucky on that one as it fell out in the dirt and it just rained.....
  3. Sicaz66

    Xr650r retuning with an edelbrock

    17e was out 7 clicks. Installed the exhaust system and 19e needle at 15 clicks out to start. Hoping I get close. Waiting for the rain to stop.
  4. Sicaz66

    Xr650r retuning with an edelbrock

    Found a 19e needle locally. Going to see what this does.
  5. Just got my xr650r a few weeks ago.after working out some old gas issues got it going and put a few hundred miles on it. Doesn't seem like it is putting the power out like it should? Has an edelbrock with a 17e needle, hrc pipe kit with bd quiet tip,has uni filter with cut outs in panel,bat wing air diverter installed by precision concepts, getting ready to put on the n.o.s. pro circuit t4 pipe and header, bike was setup to run high desert. So at sea level it seems lean,will the pipe make it run leaner? Doesn't pop.but seems to run hot and down on power. What should I start with retuning the edelbrock carb? The 17e seems too lean?
  6. Sicaz66

    XRr power?

    Good to know.
  7. Sicaz66

    XRr power?

    Why on gods green earth would you quit drinking?..
  8. Sicaz66

    XRr power?

    Solid as in at 20yrs old ,210lbs . Now 40yrs...so yeah pretty solid haha! Was eating like an athlete,when I was doing only 12oz.curls the last few years lol!( got the bike to burn a few calories I can lose a few also). Tossing the pig around is no problem, grip it right under subframe near rear fender and can pick it up quite easily to flip it around. Seems I should be able to roll on the throttle and front would come up easily using just the throttle.
  9. Sicaz66

    XRr power?

    Never mind.
  10. Sicaz66

    Edelbrock pumper carb on 650R

    My newly acquired 650r came with the edy carb. After complete disassembly due to sitting with fuel in it for a few years the anti slosh foam disintegrated. Pretty simple carb to work on. Other than a torn accelerator pump plunger. After thinking it was now junk I called edelbrock.they are now making parts. Had the plunger in 2 days. Still waiting on the needle and seat those are on back order but will be available soon.guess they just started making the parts for these. Still not really happy with it, runs o.k.just doesn't seem to make great power on my uncorked pig. Maybe I'm just used to faster stuff?
  11. Sicaz66

    Finally! Plated in SoCal.

    Sorry my first post was pretty crappy. My new ride is the xr650r. Pretty much mint cond. guy bought it thinking he was going to race the Baja back in '01 Dumped a bit o' dough on it then bailed,rode it a few times,laid it down a few times,then put it in his garage....until now! Estimated less than 100 miles total.original chain looks great just dry,original tires are excellent, ( not even dry rotted), all it needed was a good carb cleaning and a fluid change, clutch and stator covers don't have a scratch on them. Pretty stoked on my new found love.
  12. Been lurking for a few years now. Been wanting the BRP ever since I seen dust to glory. Happened to see Campbell's bike at fun bike center a few years back. That is when i discovered what the BRP was. Been sorta looking at them on Clist. And found one setup similar to the X1 bike at a great price a few weeks back. Guy built it for Baja then tucked it away in his garage.bob bell went through the whole bike before was stashed away. Apparently the guy had it plated back in 01' then never registered it again. He turned in the plates,and it dropped out of the DMV system.been jumping through hoops the past 2 weeks to prove it was already registered in ca. Luckily he had the old paper work.i received my plate yesterday. Went and had a set d606's put on it and proceeded to put 70 miles on it yesterday.it had the original Oem tires that were still fairly new. Not a whole lot left to upgrade on this bike but I do plan to scrap the edelcrap carb it came with and install the tm40 mikuni. Look forward to just riding it. Still trying to determine proper gear? My old mx stuff feels odd riding around town.
  13. Been reading these posts for 3 days.pure awesomeness!