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  1. Does anyone know of somewhere that sells mini dirt bike helmets? Something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SIMPSON-JEFF-GORDON-MINI-HELMET-DUPONT-RACING-33-SCALE-NEW-in-BOX-/141829071555 I'm not looking for a helmet you actually wear. Just a helmet you'd put on your desk or something. I've been searching around and can't find anything.
  2. Loony

    Summer In The Woods..

    Where's that at? Looks like fun trails.
  3. Loony

    2009 clutch adjustment

    I finally got time to look at the clutch. Everything looked fine. There was a small hotspot on one of the pressure plates, but the plate was still flat and smooth; no warping. My clutch lever does not have the play at the perch that everyone talks about and I also noticed it's bent a bit. Which direction should I be turning the adjustment both at the perch and behind the plate? It obviously needs to be loosened.
  4. Loony

    2009 clutch adjustment

    The last time I went riding I noticed that when I would shift from neutral to first after starting the bike with the clutch completely pulled in it would make a banging noise and lurch forward a lot more than normal. I used the quick adjuster to try and get rid of it, but it didn't work. Today I changed the oil and wanted to adjust the clutch cable to help get rid of that issue. Oil level is good; I'm using synthetic Rotella. I've messed with both the quick adjust and the other adjustment behind the front plate. I can't get the bike to roll in gear with the clutch pulled in at all. I've adjusted a few times and now when I start it, let it warm up, then shift into first there's a sheering noise. So, now I'm completely afraid of messing something up so I need help on how to adjust the clutch correctly. I have the manual, but it doesn't really give you a technique on how to get it right. I've never had to mess with a clutch before...they've always just worked. This is a 2009 and I bought it from the original owner and I'm 99% sure the clutch was never touched so it may just need replacing. What do you guys think? What's the best way to get the clutch to disengage easier with adjusting the cable? Which way should I turn each of the screws?
  5. I've been trying to find a couple fun tracks to ride and to learn on. I haven't ridden in over 10 years so I'm trying to get back into form. I've ridden at Potawatomi (now super sketchy with canyons running through some of the corners), Finger Lakes (too serious for me right now), and Letz Go Nutz (good, but costs twice as much). Are there any other good vet style tracks out there? Within two hours of St. Louis would be best.
  6. Loony

    New rear sprocket new chain?

    Yea I guess I should have mentioned the bike is stock so I currently have a 48 tooth.
  7. Loony

    New rear sprocket new chain?

    I've been wanting to get a 49 tooth for the rear of my '09, but I'm not sure if I would need a new chain or not. I bought it used with an aftermarket o-ring chain. It's not very loose and the rear axle is almost all of the way forward. Would adding a tooth in the rear add that much to the length of the chain? Do you think it would fit with my current chain or is a new chain needed? My current chain is in great condition so I don't want to buy a new one. Another question kinda on topic I have is my current chain slack is just over 1.75", but the manual suggests 2-2.3". Is the ~.25" going to cause excessive wear or serious damage? Again, I bought it like this so I don't have extra links to add to the chain and the rear axle is all of the way forward.
  8. Loony

    2013 TTR125 for motocross?

    My wife is about 5'2" and 110-115lbs and the bike is almost perfect for her; maybe a tad short. She has a 2006 though, not sure how different they would be. She'll love it for sure! My wife loves her bike...even wants to do all the maintenance on it.
  9. Loony

    Gearing in sand for heavy rider

    It's ~250 lbs. Changing to 13/51 as suggested will be a lot different; a lot more bottom end. Stock for my '09 in the US is 13/48.
  10. Loony

    clapping sound when lugging the bike?

    I get this too on my 09. It sounds like something is smacking the front of the motor. Possibly the piston rattling in the cylinder. I have no idea though and would be interested to know what that sound is.
  11. Loony

    St Joe State Park

    How is this place for new riders? Everyone I know recommends not going there on the weekends because it is so busy. My wife is brand new (2 rides in) and needs something less intimidating than what we've done so far. Do they have long flattish trails there?
  12. I'm finally getting back into riding after a 9 year break and got my wife a bike as well; she's never ridden other than the two weekends we just went out. We went to Potawatomi in Fulton, MO and Letz Go Nutz in Foley, MO. Both were fun, but had some intimidating trails for her. Does anyone know of any places within 2 hours of O'Fallon, MO with super easy trails? When I rode I was living in California so I learned on fire roads and dry lake beds. Out here I'm not sure where I should take her. Basically looking for long stretches of road that are mostly smooth. We were thinking about trying Finger Lakes next, but I don't have a sparky on my KX250f and not sure if they check that there.
  13. Loony

    2006 ttr125le

    I ended up replacing the fuel petcock and found some debris under the needle seat after pulling it out. Cleaned it out and now everything is working perfectly. Thanks guys.
  14. Loony

    2006 ttr125le

    I adjusted the float and cleaned the inside of the petcock. Still leaks. I'm going to try and replace the petcock since that should be cutting off fuel while it's just sitting there.
  15. Loony

    2006 ttr125le

    So I left it on a stand and can see the fuel is still leaking. I've had bikes not leak even with the fuel turned on for an extended amount of time. Is there a way to adjust the float level? I couldn't find anything in the manual. I'll pull the carb again as well as the fuel petcock this weekend.