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  1. Cheers guys may just get the original crf ones refurbishes as the powder coat is chipped away and the kxf wheels I have are minted and was just a thought. I will just keep the rims as they are the same size.
  2. Does anyone know if a set of 2005 Kawasaki kx250f wheels will fit onto a 2009 Honda crf250?
  3. Do KTM not have separate too?
  4. Just wondering why kawi's don't have separate gear oil to engine oil like other bikes i.e honda etc...
  5. Hi guys! Quick question... OEM or aftermarket piston and what type to go for?
  6. Thanks for the reply! Iv had a look at custom graphics they look good but got my heart set on the monster ones. I will make this my mission to find these damn things lol
  7. I recently seen graphics I want but cannot find them anywhere!! It's the white and black monster graphics with the green M. Also the seat cover... Has anyone came across these?
  8. Ok thanks! I replaced the clutch cover with a second hand one filled oil and coolant then started it. All good! Then the next day I went out to the garage to find a tiny puddle of coolant. It's coming from the tell tail water pump hole. So I'm thinking I need to replace the seals. It's barely leaking and have a camping trip at our local track this weekend!! Do you guys think it will be ok if I keep an eye on the level...? Don't have time as I leave tomorrow evening and work through the day :-(
  9. If you read my posts you will see I said clutch casing. Done now very easy job!
  10. This casing is cracked next to where the kick start is. Doesn't look like its going to be complicated. Looks like a bolt on/off job from looking at this part.
  11. I also purchased ice cool antifreeze, does anyone know how much water/antifreeze I put in?
  12. Cheers for the reply mate il have a look at that website :-)
  13. Anyone?? Lol
  14. I have just purchased a new inner clutch casing for my 2004 kxf250 due to a hairline crack, just wondering if its straight forward to replace? Will it just slide off when I remove all bolts or does the clutch etc need to be removed as well? Any help much appreciated :-)
  15. Thanks for the help guys! I have just purchased a new inner clutch casing is it straight forward to replace? Will it just slide off, also will the water pump impeller come off easily?