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  1. if I find anything I'll let ya know, same to you
  2. Anyone know of a website where I can purchase the 2001 super cross Chevrolet decal kit ??
  3. Anyone know of some good engine upgrades for more HP ??
  4. Kawasakipartsnation.com
  5. Specs in my repair manual state to run 142 psi of nitrogen in my rear shock but mechanic seemed skeptical, any debate on psi ratings ??
  6. Oil turns milky after an hour of riding like anti freeze is getting into my oil any suggestions ??
  7. Connecting rod bearing was toast, bottomed out my piston broke the skirt, I replaced the crank and bearings new piston and rings, bike runs great now
  8. Any progress on this project ?
  9. One of my radiator hoses rattled its way off the head of my motor while I was riding and drained out my anti freeze, now i only rode for a few minutes before noticing and shutting my bike off, I then filled it back up and tightened gear clamp when I started my bike again I noticed it was reving higher then usual any suggestions ?
  10. No that's the plan tomorow was just hoping to gain some insite before doing so, can't see why she would lock up like that
  11. It won't kick over at all and I went through each gear while the back was on a stand and I couldn't get the back tire move unless it was in neutral.
  12. Fresh stalk piston fresh rings fresh jug new exhaust valves and rod governer She just bogged down and locked up about 45 min into ride