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  1. I got no interest in selling mine anytime soon. It would cost way too much to replace it. I plan on buying my son a Beta XT & transitioning to it when he is big enough to kick over my bike. I like the blue on your desert bike.
  2. Schrup

    WR300/250 Clutch Covers w/ Sight Glass

    Preorder is open until Monday. If you want one, grab it now. He's not gonna make anymore.
  3. As far as I know 7206 Racing is the only company to produce these & they're currently out of stock. The owner has stated that he would make another run if there are 20 people interested enough to put down a deposit. We have a list started with 14 people on it so far. If anyone is interested, please head over to the Cafe Husky & you'll find the thread titled Discontinued item resurection under the 7602 subsection of the sponsors section. You could probably get a hold of the owner directly through his website to show your interest if you don't want to join CH. I believe they will be available in raw, black, or red anodized finishes. I sure hope we can get 6 more people so I don't have to keep kicking myself for not ordering one last year.
  4. Schrup

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Does anyone have a code? I need a tool bag & some Cycras. I would appreciate one thanks.
  5. Schrup

    "hey can i try your bike?"

    I let a family friend take it for a quick spin around the block, but he raced mx back in the 70s. I have a riding buddy & we switched bikes years ago when I had a XR250 & he rode an XR600. He now has a YZF426, but I haven't gotten him out yet. I can't wait, he thinks I'm crazy for buying a 2T, but I think he'll be suprised by how smooth it is. It should also affirm my decision to not buy a heavy 450. I doubt I'd let anyone else ride it, maybe a couple of coworkers that race harescrambles every weekend, but I won't see them till their season ends. I certainly wouldn't let a stranger. My bike had several scratches, a couple dents in the pipe, & one of my rads was tweeked from a demo day. It's certainly not for the faint of heart.
  6. I have never owned an estart, only cause I'm cheap. I was drooling over some new KTMs @ the dealer yesterday, I certainly wouldn't kick one of those sexy girls out of bed because they have a button. My Husky may be half the cost, but certainly not half the bike.
  7. About 17 years, I had a XR250 I rode the piss out of back in the 90s. I sold it when I moved to the city. I've been trying to get my 10 year old son excited about something other than video games. He always talks about wanting to race, but didn't show much nerve on his bicycle until this last year. Before I could get myself a bike, I had to make sure this was something that would grab him. I got him an XR70 & all the gear & started taking him out on trails with my MTB. He took to it like a duck to water. Chasing him on a MTB got old real fast, so I started to shop. I was looking for a used 450, or a Yamaha WR250. I found a killer deal on a new Husky WR300 for the price of the used bikes I looked at. Wow, what a bike, better than anything I had ever ridden. I always hated my old XR, crap suspension, no power, hot start problems. I did like it's weight & nimbleness in tight woods, but would get left in the dust on the whoops & straights. This bike is lighter, every bit as nimble, with tons of power to get me over the whoops. Suspension has baled me out numerous times & it's easy to start. I'm kinda old now (48), but I figure I got at least 15 years of good riding left. I bought my boy a KX60 & have the XR70 sold as soon as he's ready to move on. The gas cap on the KX split, so he can't ride it until the new one comes. I hope he digs the 2T as much as I do, I'm hooked on the pipe & his little KX pulls wheelies just like Dad's bike.
  8. Schrup

    Boots yes no?

    I wouldn't want to start my bike with shyt kickers, too thin & slippery. Great thread.
  9. Schrup

    Husqvarna Blowout Sale

    I snagged it for $4200.
  10. Schrup

    new husqvarna bikes

    I picked up a 2013 WR300 on clearence. I've only taken it out a few rides, but I'm super stoked. It's everything I was looking for & didn't know it. I hadn't been on a bike in 20 years. I bought my son an XR70 & all the gear, took him out a few times on my MTB & he seemed to take to it like a duck to water. I started shopping for a used 450 thumper in the $4k range. When I saw the ad on CL, I started to research it & couldn't find anything that was a deal breaker. I bought it from Tasky's in Everett, Jeff was super to deal with. The bike had a couple scratches from a demo day, no big deal. I couldn't ride it, other than around the block a couple times, for almost two weeks because I had no gear. That gave me plenty of time to read up on it. I was expecting jetting issues, clutch slippage, & tough starting out in the woods. The only problem I've had was my own doing. I should have removed the kick stand before I broke it off my first ride. Starts first kick if I follow the sequence, bike runs great, & I rarely stall, even lugging around behind my son. I last rode an XR250, great in the tight stuff, but not much else. I really liked the power of my buddies XR600, but it would soon wear me out in the tight stuff. I rode my buddy's RM250 with the full MX set up, & the power was to abrupt, tough to lug through tight stuff, impossible in wet clay or roots. My Husky is a joy to ride, it's light, balanced, has plenty of managable power, tunable suspension, great grip, best brakes, easy maintainence, sounds & smells awesome.