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  1. iplax13

    North east craigslist finds

    I know there are a lot of cl stalkers who come across great deals and thought maybe they shud share some
  2. iplax13

    North east craigslist finds

    my goal was something similar to this http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=239995
  3. iplax13

    North east craigslist finds

    I know that, but this acts as a way to show the people of the area whats for sale. i feel as though it may help. i didnt want it to be a problem
  4. I saw this on another forum, and thought it maybe something good to try and bring over here. So anything anyone feels is a good deal, feel free to share here and help out your fellow riders.
  5. iplax13

    Ct riders

    im willing to ride. i live in westchester, but am willing to take a drive
  6. iplax13

    Does anyone ride in Dutchess County, NY?

    Ive been riding in lagrangeville ny for a while
  7. iplax13


    914 rider here. looking for anyone willing to share a few spots
  8. iplax13


    Where in the 914? I just got into riding again, and am looking for anyone interested in letting me tag along with the,