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    Quiet down YZ250f

    So I did a search and see very little info regarding quiet exhaust and what I did see was pretty old. I recently picked up an '09 YZ250f and although no meter, appears to be fairly low hour, I bought from previous owner who claimed about 60 or so. My question is could the exhaust need to be repacked or is this just an obnoxiously loud bike, and if it is has anyone had any luck toning down the note and what did you use to achieve this and what did it cost ? As stated, new to dirt and just trying my best not to piss off all the surrounding land owners if I can quiet things down and my fun doesn't ruin others peace and quiet. TYIA, --RR
  2. Road_Rage

    MAINE riders?

    I just got back into dirt after many years street, and have been riding jugtown and the pipeline solo. I am in Raymond and just trying to figure out where is good riding. Let me know if you are ever up for some jug town riding. --RR