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  1. Marc_Bel

    DRZ400-SM what should i do next?

    almost at 20 000 KM so about 12000 miles... theres no price for the FCR on the link you put.. do you know haw much they sell it for? and they say they tune id for what you need but if i put a BB later will i need to retune it?
  2. Marc_Bel

    DRZ400-SM what should i do next?

    550 wouldnt be to bad but im from quebec canada and the new onces i find are pretty much all 650$ and im not sure if that includes shipping
  3. Marc_Bel

    DRZ400-SM what should i do next?

    thanks you guys i want to do both mods with cams eventually and maybe a stroker kit but i want to go 1 at a time so the FCR would give the biggest difference in performance if for now i only do 1 of the 2? and is there any other carb that could do the job that might be cheaper? i dont want to get a used one but a new one i think is way over priced!
  4. Marc_Bel

    DRZ400-SM what should i do next?

    already have the pipe and i was thinking since my cv carb is already jetted would that be good for the BB? would a see a good difference?
  5. hi there, it's my first post on thumbertalk so if i'm not at the good place please guide me. i have a 2006 DRZ400-SM i got a jet kit full yoshi RS-2 exhaust and the 3x3 mod done with a k&n air filter. i know some will say just get a bigger bike but i love my DRZ and i just want it to have some more guts to it. i was thinking of getting a BB kit 434cc to add to the mods already on it but of what ive been seeing everybody is talking about the FCR39 but its pretty pricy i was wondering what would be best for the price? since my stock carb is already jetted i guess the BB kit would still make a good difference so please tell me what you think and help me with this. and please i don't want to here change bike like i said i love the DRZ and don't want to get rid of it