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  1. SpunBearing

    2-stroke wish list

    See, I do care about it. If that thing STB out on the trail, I need a basic understanding of how it works so I can try and fix it.
  2. Story is elsewhere, but I tried for about 6 months to get my Rekluse working right using Rotella. I even warped 3 drive plates. Long story short Rekluse recommended trying Maxima...and it worked. Thing is though, at about 6 hrs or so depending, I can feel the oil breaking down. This manifests itself in the Rekluse grabbing a bit more during idle, etc. Drain the oil and yeah, it's dark. Put in new and I'm back at it. I can't really expalin it other than me and/or my YZ is tough on clutches. But I do know it is.
  3. SpunBearing

    2-stroke wish list

    Yes, I can see where that will cost you about $100K.
  4. SpunBearing

    2-stroke wish list

    No, for the reasons previously stated.
  5. SpunBearing

    2-stroke wish list

    Maybe it's just my uninformed opinion, but I don't see how this: "As I said, everything needed to make this work already exists and can be adapted to this application... it's just a matter of building a prototype and solving the problems." would cost $100K.
  6. SpunBearing

    2-stroke wish list

    Sounds good Ron. And I'd like to echo/shadow what Chokey said up there about building one. Short version: if I had an idea for something and thought it was better than the existing sliced bread, I'd find the money to build it. If the market didn't accept it, worst case scenario is I'd have great sliced bread for myself.
  7. Did they cost about the same as that Amazon link I posted - $30.00/6 pieces?
  8. SpunBearing

    2-stroke wish list

    Well, to paraphrase: You wanna impress me, take the wheel. This discussion is all well and good, but until I start seeing some design and/or manufacturing going on, it's all just Internet speculation. Granted all ideas have to start somewhere...
  9. Yes, but I want that bolt head on there. This is getting closer: http://www.mcmaster.com/#truck-bed-bolts/=u8hr6v just out of time right now.
  10. SpunBearing

    Tire changers

    I'm thinking too much Redbull.
  11. I've searched "nutsert" but didn't find that exact thing. Ones I find aren't threaded both int and ext, and don't have that nuthead on it. Probably will just have to buy an int and ext threaded rod and make do. I like the one in the pic as it would be lower profile. I'm wondering if they're custom. Thanks.
  12. What's the proper name of the thing I circled, and does anyone know where I can get one? I've worn out the Googler guessing. They want $30.00 for this kit (6 pieces), and that's crazy talk. I want to put these in the bed of my truck so I can remove a wheel chock. Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Wheel-Chock-Tie-Down-Anchors/dp/B004Z73NLC/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1413666484&sr=8-7&keywords=quick+nuts+truck+bed
  13. After 3 rides or 6 hrs - whichever happens first. Maxima MTL 80W is what my Rekluse likes.
  14. SpunBearing

    2-stroke wish list

    Ron you brought up some good points. Although many of those things I don't want, I wouldn't mind the pipe being in a safer place, and cleaner exhaust - but not at dimished performance. For me, I like exactly where/how my bike runs, and any changes aren't on my wish list. Are you in the development stage, the wishing stage, etc?