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    1995 kx125 slow oil leak

    Yeah, Im kind of torn. Because I really want either a wr250r, or a drz400sm to ride on the road as my first street legal bike. But I also wanna race the 125 I have and do this and that to it. But it's all so expensive! I need at least 4k for the drz400 and then still have to get m class license and I gotta get gear to race. Sucks haha it's a money pit but it's so much fun.
  2. ag_kx_md

    yz125 vs yz250

    Well I'm pretty sure two strokes like to be "ran out" if you know what I mean and if you end up putting around in low gears all the time it can mess the bike up. But if you just respect the power while not really under riding it it's good to learn and then when you're ready you can use more of the power. Just depends what type of person you are haha some people get too confident. I think we're all guilty of that to different degrees haha. Also my logic on the two stroke being under ran may not be totally right maybe some one with more knowledge can chime in. But yeah the only way to tell is to get on and ride. Also I haven't ridden a track yet, so maybe I'll be wishing for a 250 there, but it would definitely be too big for my yard. If I shift early on my 125 i only really get to 4th. And that's without really letting the power band kick in between shifts. I think I have like 2 acres or 4 but no more than 4
  3. ag_kx_md

    1995 kx125 slow oil leak

    Ok thanks. Definitely got some looking up and researching to do. I was wondering.... How hard would it be to remove basically everything from the frame so I could paint that, and then also take aprt the top end of the engine to inspect it and clean it and everything... Basically tear the bike down, make sure it's almost good as new, and then put it back together? And where can I go to learn how to do all that? I've been reading bits and pieces of different articles and what not. Definitely a lot to learn but I think I'd like doing it. Once it was finished that is haha
  4. ag_kx_md

    1995 kx125 slow oil leak

    Cool. I think I found a service or owners manual to the bike online I gotta see if I can find a section on that. Just looking at it like you said it seems like it would be fairly easy, but a first time procedure for me. Do they use a liquid or an actual gasket? Or both? Thanks for the help. I'm gonna run the gas out of it then start having a look.
  5. ag_kx_md

    yz125 vs yz250

    If you're on the 4 stroke trail bike with no 2 stroke experience I would get the 125. You can most likely handle the 250 but you will have more potential to hurt yourself in my opinion, and you also won't be running the bike to full potential for a while which could be a good or bad thing I guess. I'm 5'7 about 160 pounds and I just got a kx125 not too long ago. That thing will carry me around 70 no problem and it accellerates pretty fast. I used to think oh yeah yeah I know how to ride I could ride any bike just from riding smaller things but feeling the power of the 125 made me say jeez i wonder how crazy the 250+ is!
  6. ag_kx_md

    1995 kx125 slow oil leak

    Bought this bike from a guy who said it was his practice and hair scrambles bike. I think he said it's had the top end rebuilt, and I know it has at least that I can't remember if he said the whole thing was done. Any way I have this slow-ish leak on what appears to be the right hand side of the motor if you were facing the bars. It seems to be coming from this rubber seal area that I think is the govenor shaft. I have a picture here, it's kind of dark but if you guys can't see anything I'll take a better one tomorrow. Also, there is some gooey black stuff in the silencer area, I know that thing probably needs re-packed, but I was reading that this could be an exhaust issue? The guy I bought it from gave me a pipe spring and o ring kit so maybe that with a repack will help it? I checked the coolant and there was no gunk in it. Talked to a guy when buying my helmet, he said it might just be the seal where the crank case is? Seems like it's coming from where the two engine halfs go together, not top and bottom but side and side, if that makes since. I'm stil a newb to the whole dirtbike engine thing but I have some limited wrenching experience on other things. Any way here's the pic. Thanks for takin a look. I wanna eventually take this thing to the track for my first time when I get all the gear so I wanna make sure it's "race ready" even if I just practice some first.
  7. Interesting, I had it backwards. I'm getting better at wheelies and can get the front end up, I just don't ride them very long. The thing is touchy up there lol. No such thing as a slow wheelie really, or so it seems. I've managed to pop first and get to second and ride a few times but I normally put it down because of how fast I get going haha. I'm pretty good at covering the rear brake from other smaller bikes and learning the hard way. I kind of have a bad habit of grabbing the clutch too, which could go wrong if I for some reason dump it. Thanks for all the responses guys! Money is kind of low, but the first thing I'm gonna buy is a mx style helmet. I have a DOT street bike type helment but I don't like how big and heavy it is. Next would be the boots then chest protector then race pants and shirt.
  8. Thanks for all the help guys! Kinda busy with school but I'm going to read all those threads, and set my sag as soon as I can. Or hopefully set it if the spring isnt too stiff for me. I'm from the east coast of MD. The closest track to me is Speed Citi in Delaware. Gonna get a proper helment and some boots and go out there as soon as I can. Also, I found what appears to be some type of oil leak in the bike. I'm gonna look for engine diagrams and take a pic and put it up in whatever forum is appropriate and see if I can't diagnose that. hopefully nothing serious, but there was a fair amount of oil around the front end of the engine. I'll have to take pics to explain. I think it was set up for woods. He said he raced 2 hare scrambles on it and was selling it to pay for suspension work on his 450. It's not crazy tall on me, I'm mostly fine when riding, but I just feel like I would have more balls if I knew both feet could comfortably touch the ground if need be.
  9. How can I give more info on the sprockets? Individually counting the teeth seems kind of impractical but I'll do it if that's how its done! haha. I also think I need to repack the bike. The guy I bought it from said he runs 38:1 and has it jetted for that so I'll probably run around the same. And also, how can I find out about the spring? I know it's a beefed up spring because the guy was pretty much bigger than me. I guess I need to look in to setting sag, I read a little about that but not much. Feel like I have a lot to learn! I guess that's cause I do haha. Oh yeah, I'm in a pretty small yard, I can only really comfortably get to mayyybe fourth gear. Will that be bad for the bike? Also seem to do a lot of "putting" around. I try to make sure Im in a nice low gear when I'm going slow. As long as I "blow it out" which I assume means runnin her to max rpms before shifting it should be alright, yeah?
  10. Hey guys, whats going on?? Just wanted to make a thread and say what's up to the forum, I can tell I will find a lot of needed info on these forums. Anyway, I just bought my first "real" bike. Always wanted a nice bike since a kid, but the most I ever had was a 200cc blaster when I was like 11-13, a crappy pep-boys 90cc dirt bike, and a crf80f. Also ridden a cr85r before but not for long. Just a few rides. The bike I got is a 1995 Kawasaki KX 125, and it's super clean. The guy I bought it from rebuilt at least one part of the motor, I can't remember if he said top or bottom or both. Also replaced the front forks with ones from a honda model, and said he rebuilt the rear suspension. I know he sprung it for a bigger guy, he was 6'2 and 230#. I don't know much about suspension or really anything so I don't know what else he did, maybe replace the shock itself or something. Also has some aftermarket foot pegs he fabbed on, and it looks like an upgraded braking system. Pro circut exhuast, and bark buster hand guards. He did custom graphics on it too from I think an 09 model. Got it for $800, +$40 gas and $8 tolls. I really like the bike, it's crazy fast haha. I finally know what people mean when they say "hitting the power band". Almost feels like a turbo kicking in or something lol. A few questions for anyone who has the time to answer: 1. What is the best way to lower my bike? I'm 5'7 and 160 pounds. I'm fine while riding but would like to be able to stand without looking dumb at a stop and turn at slow speeds better. So far I lowered the back a little with those two locking nuts or whatever, and I lowerd the front a little by loosening the fork clamps and sliding them up a little. Is that ok to do? It helped a little, seemed to ride fine and I was thinking I could shave a little off the seat to get the rest of the clearance I need. 2. I know I need to keep the oil changed, radiator full, brake fluids checked, trans fluid in, oil filter clean and oiled, but what other general maintanence do I need to know how to do to keep this bike alive for me until I buy a dual sport? It seems to be in really good shape even though it;s a 95 and I'd like to keep it that way. I want to use this bike to learn as much as I can, from modding to tuning to just general care. That way when I get a REALLY nice bike I don't run it to the ground. 3. I have 4 sprockets for the bike total. I know bigger = top speed and smaller = low end, right? Which sprocket would be best for wheelies? I'm still getting used to the bike but it seems like its kinda hard to keep up. I was thinking the guy I got it from had it geared for more speed, to keep the front end down while ripping around the track. It looks like one of the bigger sprockets that's on there. 4. What other suggestions would you have for a new-ish rider, with somewhat of a knack for this kind of stuff who is new to race bikes. If you have any questions just ask! I know this is a lot and I'll definitely be searching around looking for all this info on my own, but just starting a general convo. Hopefully this is the right forum!