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  1. Put a Tusk floating 270 on mine. I've been happy with it. No experience with Galfer or braking.
  2. Air intake sensor? My 12 also doesn't like the white map block for some reason. Just keeps cutting out mid lap. Other 2 work fine.
  3. I put a procircuit link arm on my bike. 136mm too. I put a factory connection spring on mine. $120 from Motorsport. No 5.4 kg/mm, but they do a 5.3.
  4. Did you buy the bike new? Definitely the stock spring, right? If any of the bearings are binding, that'll throw off your sag too. You may wanna clean/grease all your linkage/swing arm bearings before you throw money at a new spring. If those measurements are right, it looks like you need a softer spring, like you said.
  5. By the way, I put an xtrig on mine a couple months ago. Not cheap, but I love that thing. :-)
  6. I have a 2012 KX450f. I weight 210lbs and run a 5.9 rear spring. Bike on the stand, distance is 610mm from top rear of swing arm to side panel/seat/rear fender bolt. Bike on ground (no rider), distance is 582, so free sag is 28. Bike on ground (with fat rider on it (me)), distance is 504mm, so race sag is 106.
  7. You're measuring your race sag as the difference between bike on the stand and bike on the ground with you on it right?
  8. I assume you first meant that you only have 52mm of sag with you sat on it right?
  9. 50mm free sag and 52mm race sag? That can't be right.
  10. What's the free sag?
  11. I run renthals, chain and sprockets, and I've never had a problem with them. Last rear sprocket was on over 20 hours and wasn't that bad. Perhaps that just shows how slow I am. :-(
  12. Looks very dry. What kinda chain lube you using?
  13. Manual says DFI system or ignition system parts faulty. Should point out that's a 2012 manual.
  14. 13/51 for me on my 12. Just ride mx.
  15. I run Motul 7100. No particular reason.