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    Brand new stator fitted yesterday
  2. tinkimoto


    TPS is in range. Can the CDI throw the timing out enough that it wont run?
  3. tinkimoto


    Do CDI's give intermittent problems or is it as simple as they work or they don't? Can I still have a good spark with a faulty CDI? Can it be changing the timing????
  4. No didn't cut the seats as the bike ran fine all season, just stripped cleaned and very lightly relapped them. The previous owner had just replaced them. What your saying makes sense, I have another new head gasket so might pull the head back off. The carb has been modified by Honda Hamilton. They drill out the hot start hole, change the AC Pump cam angle, different needle & jets..... its been starting all season after a new stator & carb mods. Just out of the blue started popping and banging. Thanks For the input
  5. Hi Guys, 2008 CRF250R Runs for about a minute then stops like its out of gas. Wont start again until completely cold. Valve clearances are spot on. Checked spark as soon as bike stops and get a 20mm blue spark across the tester. Stripped the motor completely. Has not long been rebuilt with new piston, con-rod & inlet valves. I replaced the crank & balance shaft bearings. Fitted new seals on crank. Stripped valves, replaced stem seals & relapped valves. Motor has good compression. Stator is nearly new (genuine Honda) Can the one way valve be fitted wrong way round? if so will it cause probs? Can crank seals cause probs?
  6. tinkimoto

    250x cuts out

    Yup, done everything in service manual but still wont run
  7. tinkimoto

    250x cuts out

    You will need a Peak Voltage Meter, just connect to the wires coming from the stator, there is four, two for the Ckp sensor and two for power. you need the white and blue wires. remove spark plug and kick over.
  8. tinkimoto

    250x cuts out

    Im in the same boat with an 08 CRF250R. Mine has a nearly new stator (20ish hours) The bike will run for a short period then stop, pull the tank off and check the spark with a tester and it still sends a big blue spark 20mm across the tester & over 200V from the stator but the bike wont run. Whole motor has been stripped, new crank seals, relapped valves & clearences. ????? Whats wrong?