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  1. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    Well I appreciate the good luck wishes. However it will be worth it, I've brought bikes in way worse condition than this to far beyond my goals for this project. Sorry for being so short yesterday. Have a good one. Stay posted!
  2. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    Here is a picture of a cb750 with the fuel nozzle that sprays fuel into the carb. My question is do thwas xl's have this type of injection or is it different? Thanks
  3. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    Not sure what your trying to say but I'll choose to ignore it for now. I am obviously not speaking of the slide. I mean is it supposed to have a fuel nozzle that shoots into the intake or is it recessed. I am used to working on large bikes and am very unfamiliar with these single cylinder bikes. Thanks for any helpful replays. A picture of a working carb on the intake side of the motor will answer my question.
  4. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    I have a spark! I adjusted the points and cleaned them. The spark is week but maybe further adjusting will fix that. Does anyone have a picture of the side of the carb that fuel exits into the motor? Is there supposed to be a little needle like on most carbs?
  5. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    Thanks, is there an alternative to buying a 70 dollar coil? Anyone used a universal coil or anything?
  6. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    Anyone done a basic wire up?
  7. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    Thanks so I don't necessarily need a regulator or rectafier? Also, what is the proper coil for this bike? The one that's on it is wrong and I've seen a few different looking coils for the bike. Some are in the $60 range and some are in the $20 range. Any advice? Links? Thanks!
  8. Cross-Eyed Cricket

    My $40 1973 xl 250

    Picked up this 73' xl 250 the other day for $40 it isn't currently running but the motor is free. The wiring is a mess and there is no spark so I am going to replace the coil and see where that gets me. I have done minimal wiring on bikes before but never an enduro like this. I know they will run with no battery but what do I need wired up? Can I just do coil, stator, points? That is all that the bike came with and is how it was wired and supposedly ridin. Thanks for any input! Ill keep the build progress posted in return for y'all's help! Happy riding!