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  1. rlasater

    Riding Still Allowed on Pelican Island?

    Yea, I think they'll be after ya in short order because of the port security issues.
  2. rlasater

    Skull creek Columbus tx

  3. rlasater

    Riding in the houston Area

    Skull Creek is the Trail Riders of Houston park. All ranch and gravel pits. Great place to ride but you must be with a member. Best way to try it out is to go race. www.trh-cycle.org for more. the golf course place is the La Marque Motocross Park and they are really getting serious about it now. three tracks being built and there is a torcs race in a few weeks. looks like it will be a great park. they are on facebook.
  4. rlasater

    Trails in Crosby, TX

    Rio Bravo is right there by you. I've been looking for trails on this side of town too without much luck. considering how much timberland and lowland there is out here, you'd think there would be more!
  5. rlasater

    Riding Still Allowed on Pelican Island?

    not sure about ohv riding. think you need a plate for any beach now. what race are they having down there? is it at the new place in La Marque?