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  1. California

    Anyone riding Corral Canyon/ 4 Corners this weekend? My brother and I are planning on heading out for the first time tomorrow morning. AJ
  2. California

    Wow, that looks like some amazing riding area. That is going on the list. AJ
  3. Great bike, just purchased one for my wife to ride but I purchased it from a gentleman who used it for his main bike. After riding it myself I can easily see and understand how this is NOT a girls bike at all, in fact I found myself wanting to get off my yz450f and take her's on some of the trail. Great purchase and have fun! AJ
  4. What are your guys favorite trails? Here is my brother and I last weekend on the "GORMAN" trail, however I think Backbone is still my favorite.
  5. I will never forget my trip to Moab UT. Best 3 days of riding ever, slick rock was by far my favorite ride. Great video, may have to grab a chest mount. AJ
  6. I have a hard copy, did the new trail last weekend! Heading back out there on Saturday to do a little camping and riding. Fun trail, little technical more just slow and tight turns with pretty good drop offs. AJ
  7. California

    Looks like corral canyon is closed :rant:Guess I will try and find another place to ride this weekend.
  8. California

    October 1, I believe that is state wide. . Tried calling and all I get is voice recordings...will try again later
  9. California

    Does anyone know if Carrol Canyon/ Pine Valley is closed due to Government shut downs? I thought it was run by the state but I came across this on their website . I am looking to camp their this weekend with my brother and wife. AJ
  10. Wow! I just read through 24 pages and agree with everyone else you have one of the if not the best looking bike ever built. That thing looks amazing, I would have a tough time riding that thing. Great Job. AJ
  11. No kidding, there was easily 2:1 employee ratio there. I have given that shop a few chances as well, every time it seems like I am burdening their sales guys when I ask them to order me a part. That's not to say every sales guy/girl there is like this as I hear very friendly conversations going on, just got a unhappy employee both times. This weekend I am going to check the valves and replace the fork seals, if I find I need to adjust them I may take one of you guys up on your offer, thank you! AJ
  12. Eric, Thanks so much, I may take you up on this if I need to add any shims. I will probably check the clearances tonight and if they need to be adjusted I may be hitting you up to bring the bike by with the correct size shims. Thanks! AJ
  13. I may just do that at least. I will pick up a manual/ find the valve tolerance and that will at least put my mind at ease. AJ
  14. Pretty much what the title says. I purchased a 2005 yz450f 2 weeks ago and have been reading up on checking/adjusting valves and would like to make sure the bike is in spec for the upcoming riding season.I am very mechanically inclined, however when it comes to timing cams and valves I get a little nervious and would like to watch before I take it on myself. I called a local shop (Fun Bike Center) and they wanted $500 to check/adjust the valves. I would also be willing to take it in but need a good recomendation of a shop that won't take advantage, but again that would keep me from learning myself. I can bring my bike and a 6 pack and pizza! Lastly, what size jets are you running for riding around the area? I am finding my bike backfires and pops a good amount on deceleration. *** included a few pictures from this past weekend, went to Plaster city to teach the wife how to ride on her ttr230.
  15. I think a few of us locals will need to pay a little visit to these dirt bags. I would love to see the look on the faces of these guys when 20 plus riders knock on their door.