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    2003 XR100 driving me crazy

    Thanks! I'll give that a shot and see what happens.
  2. sonus4

    2003 XR100 driving me crazy

    Hi Guys, I have inhereted a 2003 Honda XR100 that hasn't run in quite a few years so I thought I would get it running again and put it to good use. So I drained all of the bad gasoline out of the tank and the carburetor bowl first, then I checked the oil. I cleaned/checked the spark plug and put some new gas in it. I tried to start it and...nothing. So, I took out the carburetor and disassembled it, cleaned all of the crap out of it (which took about an hour...it was nasty!) I made sure that both the main jet and the pilot jet were cleaned and could fit a piece of mechanics wire through them. I put the carburetor back on the bike and tried to start it and it started. It would stay running as long as I would keep reving it and twist the throttle a little up from dead bottom, but if I tried to let it idle, it would die out. I noticed tthat both the idle screw and the air screw underneath the carb were unscrewed out a lot. So, I screwed in the idle screw a little until I hear the rev go up just a hair and I finally got it to idle with my hand off of the throttle. So, I put it away for the day. On day 2, I came out and it was extremely hard to start and when I finally could get it to start after many kicks, it would not idle and I couldn't keep it running. So I began messing with the idle screw and air screw. I tried setting them back to factory specs as a starting point and going from there, but at this point, I never could get it running again at idle and to be honest, I never could get it to start regularly and stay running even when I was massaging the throttle. So, what in the world have I done...and more importantly, what do I do next?