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  1. jcarpenter21

    St. Louis Links

    Any live streams?
  2. jcarpenter21

    Some Florida singletrack

    Nice vids! You picked a great time of the year to ride down here!
  3. jcarpenter21

    2004 KX250 for woods?

    I have an 04 kx250 and I am 6'4". I will say the power on this bike is smooth, more torque than expected from a 2T. As far as the height problems I bought a SDG tall seat and 30mm risers for the bars and I felt at home with that setup. Very nice trail bike, handles the tight stuff well.
  4. jcarpenter21

    2004 KX250 Airbox

    The airbox was cracked on the side panel when I bought. The seller told me that his friend tried to tuck the side number plate back in and cracked off the side of the airbox. I had it duct taped up so it would be some what sealed, but this Florida sand finds its way in some how.
  5. jcarpenter21

    2004 KX250 Airbox

    Received the airbox today, and it fits! So just to confirm for anyone in the future. The 2005 KX250 airbox will fit on a 2004 KX250.
  6. jcarpenter21

    2004 KX250 Airbox

    Air box ordered, should have info by Friday night.
  7. jcarpenter21

    2004 KX250 Airbox

    Motosport.com They had them listed under 2005 kx250, im going to buy today and see howw it goes. Check their OEM parts and then it is under air cleaner.
  8. jcarpenter21

    2004 KX250 Airbox

    I have a 2004 KX250 that has a cracked airbox and I am looking for the replacement part. I can't seem to find one for an 04, but 05 kx250 air-boxes are everywhere. I did a quick search on here but could find out if these were compatible or not, I know they changed bike design slightly from 03-04 to 05-07. The parts diagrams that I have looked at show a similar air box but a different part number. My question is, are these years interchangeable in the air box department? Thanks