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  1. Yes, it's true, that's the same happened in Sweden. I'm sad cause i'm italian I heard mv is interesting in husqvarna's factory. btw I hope in the next year Husqvarna will have a really different layout than ktm, i don't want ktm clone
  2. Sad but true. The guy (ktm seller) said to his client to wait before buy a ktm 2014...husqvarna (without pds) will be a great bike. It's sad cause husqvarna won't be anymore made in Italy many people lost his job...but i hope ktm will make good bike with husqvarna brand
  3. Yep, but i suppose they are sell off all old models. A guy near husqvarna tell me about that. They spent a lot for a new mx team http://www.motocorse.com/news/offroad_eng/34065_Husqvarna_announces_Motocross_Factory_Team_for_2014_season.php i don't think pierer will race with old model. PS: Hsb with plastic black rear frame. Husaberg brand is suspended from 2014/2015 *
  4. Husqvarna 2014 are just white Husaberg (don't know if graphics will have some color) with link (no pds), same engine. Pierer industries doesn't know if Nuda model will stay in production. All other huskys models are denied. Don't know if Ch Racing will race in wec for pierer next year, they are looking for an agreement.