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  1. dukeisdog

    talk me out of this bike?

    Looks like a 99-02 kx250. Sounds like it wasn't running all that well but you never know. Good call to pass on it.
  2. dukeisdog

    1996 Honda CR250 - To buy or not ?

    If its only the kickstart that broke you should have no trouble push starting it. The kick start will be $100 max to buy and install, but if you can't bump start it you're looking at a bigger issue
  3. Look for a job. Bikes aren't cheap. If you find an older 2 stroke for cheap you're almost guaranteed to have to throw another couple hundred up for new bearings, tires, possibly brakes. You're looking at about $2k bare minimum still needing boots and a helmet.
  4. dukeisdog

    Desert rider what to get.

    +1 experiment with some different plugs and make sure its jetted properly. I lug my 125 sometimes on tight trails and haven't had an issue with plugs fouling.
  5. dukeisdog

    Desert rider what to get.

    Why do you find you can't go slow or cruise? Use the clutch. I can lug my 125 pretty good, give it bursts of gas then clutch in.
  6. dukeisdog

    Easy To Repair Torn Up Grass?

    My bikes tires tear the grass up if I just wheel it through it nevermind actually riding on the grass.
  7. Having to slow down around public trail corners shouldn't be a problem, it should be common sense. Everybody should ride a little slower around blind corners. You can only control what you can do, not somebody else. Why get mad because someone likes a different style of riding then you? Go to the track if you don't like the side by sides on the trail.
  8. dukeisdog

    Jersey/pants best combo?

    Troy Lee GP air
  9. If the chain was too loose and cracked the case I'd be worried about what other maintenance the previous owner skipped out on. Setting your chain is pretty basic, should be checked before every ride.
  10. dukeisdog

    Fitness for Moto

    For core get a bosu ball. They're very underrated by a lot of people that have never used one, but it's a great tool to have at home. Can do any type of exercise with it, even just standing on the thing works your core.
  11. dukeisdog

    What would you do? Is it necessary?

    I didn't want to spend $150 on a new plastic kit so I just cleaned my old plastics up and installed the graphics. My plastics weren't trashed but we're a little worn. I used a hairdryer lightly on the crease mark on my rad shroud and the graphics turned out really well. If you can swing the cash for the plastics I'm sure it'll look better, but new graphics will make your bike look better than before. I had some other bike stuff I had to pick up so I passed on new plastic.
  12. dukeisdog

    Injury Depression

    You're clearly injured and affected by your crash. Stay off the bike and let your body heal. Your bike will be waiting for you when you're good to go again. Last thing you want is a lifetime shoulder injury because you couldn't stay off the bike 2 weeks.