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    2001 Yz250wr

    Iv already got a speedo drive, it was on the supermoto wheels but not connected or doing anything, I'm pritty sure my hubs are just yz ones as there are no tabs that I can remember seeing and both sides have seals on them, I have ordered a set of spacers for front and back, 01 yz ones and a set of seals, I hope it works! Thanks for the help, if you have any more info let me know
  2. Jordyk711

    2001 Yz250wr

    Thanks for the info, so I carnt just use yz spacers on the speedo drive side? I would have to get an eliminator?
  3. Jordyk711

    2001 Yz250wr

  4. Jordyk711

    2001 Yz250wr

    New to the forum and just have a few questions, I have just acquired a 2001 yz250wr it's been imported from some were in Europe I think, full lighting kit, heavy flywheel, 18inch rear wheel and all that good stuff however it had been supermotoed up, I don't ride supermoto, so I'm putting the off-road wheels on and the spacers are well off, loads of room each side same with front and rear, am I right in thinking I can just get some 01 yz spacers and they will work?