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  1. I put my boy on a CRF50 and bought one for myself also. I added the Trailbikes 88cc kit to it just so I wouldn't fall asleep. It is a wheelie machine.
  2. Me kickin it old school one footer style way back in '91
  3. Me too if you're buying. Plastidip all the way for me.
  4. I'm sure no one here has ever overlooked something as simple as that.
  5. Yes that is a ktm65
  6. Just wear it on the plane and you won't have to worry about it.
  7. OMG can you believe those guys are riding with helmets that don't have face protections? What idiots. Oops sorry, wrong thread.
  8. I have the same issue when kicking. What kit are you using? I have the trailbikes kit. As for the power, just get used to it. The motor makes good power on a small frame.
  9. I lost an uncle to a deer on a dragstrip, rather not get into details but they can be dangerous. Thankful to hear you survived.
  10. I've heard of guys sanding down the scraches then polishing with a lighter grit before applying. Like any paint job, the final product is dependent on the prep work.
  11. The UP is a long drive from Chicago. I'd imagine you could find a few dozen shops during the drive. 30 minutes outside of Chicago is DGY.
  12. California

    +1. Round IS a shape!
  13. California

    Well done. Whenever I lounge by the water all I want to do is drink and get fat.