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    Moose Racing Adventure Seat

    i just want to add to this forum,i recently bought a moose adventure seat,yes very well built and looks the part,but i really regret buying it it is not wide enough to hold any type of comfort for even a 2 or 3 hour spin,i dont know what moose racings interpretation is on "adventure riding" because this seat is not it. to hold any type of comfort a seat must be reasonable width, unfortunately the moose adventure seat has not fit the bill for comfort outside of local spins and cruises up and down the coast. yes a lot more comfortable then the standard block but they could of done a bit more i think and i could of done with some more &%$#@!ing research $$$$$$$$
  2. brian power

    suspension question for newbie

    your god damn right im mad,but its been done before and somebodys gotta do it again, it might as well be me,il be doing blog and recording the whole journey,cant wait to be honest, yes a comfy has been bought,a low profile mongoose,but im not impressed with it:( any buyers
  3. brian power

    suspension question for newbie

    thanks everyone for the replys, it actually matters hugely what bike i get unfortunetlely,this is going to be one serious quest across some of the most gruelling and unforgiving terrains in the world,swamps river crossings and sub zero tempetures,im doing this solo and my life is going to depend on this bike,i had to be spot on with my choice,but i think i got it right,im enjoying myself on this machine,it feels like it will go no matter what(with the few fixing mods of course) stator output and gear ratios are a sacrifice i will have to get over but il live weight fully laden with rider,140kgs,thats including a full 28lt safari tank i was waiting for horror stories on shocks,but none yet and ive posted this question on many different forums, full service and adjustments for weight looks like the way to go for the moment, i picked this bike because in general after some serious research the drz fit the bill for the type of journey ahead,i wouldnt feel confident bringing any other bike other then maybe a dr650 which are rare these parts,the reputation for these bikes for solo riders in harsh environments in isolated areas in general are far better backed up then then most bikes in this weight range well thats according to some serious adventure riders that have scaled insane distances on the backs of these bikes, i hope their right
  4. brian power

    suspension question for newbie

    hey guys,im a novice when it comes to these type of bikes,enduro/trail experience is not in my cv my whole life ive owned sports bikes and tourers, but before i ask the question i think i should briefly tell you what my plan is. a 20000mile trip from ireland to the far reaches of siberia,terrain will range from forest tracks/open tundras,pothole filled broken roads and highways, i purposely bought my drz for this 9month trip,and needless to say after testing out ktm690s and crfs etc the drz won me over for reasons i wont get into now i know every single mod that needs to be done,to maximize reliability but my question is how good is the suspension on these bikes,now im not talking about full on competition tunes shocks,i need dependability... what i want is reliability and endurance to help me plod along without the worry of the standard shocks falling apart,so before i set off all i was going to do was rebuild them from fresh and adust for the extra weight, what do you guys think??
  5. brian power

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    a selection for delete would be handy
  6. brian power

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    finally bought one,never owned a bike like this before,i always had big sports bikes,tourers and customs but i must say there is a certain element of smile factor driving this bike around the sweeping mountain roads of ireland,love it,my zzr and sp1 are gathering dust all because of this little gem purpose built for my journey next year ireland to russia,let the adaptions begin
  7. brian power


    i dont have a &%$#@!ing clue whats going on
  8. brian power

    Cam/Timing Chain Life Expectancy

    i have a 06 s i was thinking do i need to install an mcct? is it not just the early models 01-03 that give trouble?
  9. brian power

    crashed 2 up :/

    holy shit the 2nd pic should be blown up and on my &%$#@!ing wall asap
  10. brian power

    my drz.......stator power owners?

    i will look at that......i never like taking my hack saw out of the tool box..........i usually &%$#@! shit up with it
  11. brian power

    my drz.......stator power owners?

    thanks for the feed back yeh im currently looking at the best battery money can buy for peace of mind,i might have to butcher the battery holder on the bike because it looks a tight fit for a decent upgrade,the free power mode is the next mission in the shed,dont have a clue what im &%$#@!ing doing but hey....the internet is a great help for the mentally insane ps thats great millage on the bike,did you do a recon in between at any stage? Regards
  12. brian power

    my drz.......stator power owners?

    5 or 6 fails jesus a pretty delicate set up is required by the sounds of things,i will certainly take your advice,reliability is something i cant count on enough,a solo 30k ride into the wilderness is nerve wrecking to start with,im begining to think &%$#@! it stock lights will do,just add the grips im actually fitting a kick start as a "just in case" add on next week,i bought the bike for 2900euro,she has 4000 miles and its mint, over the next few months i will be spending est 2500 euro on modifications customizing and add ons,ive a list here in the black book and once its done she will take on the world, I will record every detail with photos etc and post them up once the ball is rolling regards
  13. brian power

    my drz.......stator power owners?

    hey william yeh a voltage meter is a must to keep her in check,i only came across the free power mod last week,so im reading away when ever the misses turns her back i wont be going any where for a couple of months so plenty of time for planning,some great ideas on the site here well i guess il boil the kettle again
  14. brian power

    LED and HID Headlight Upgrade

    i would pay for that set up......fancy making another one????
  15. brian power

    my drz.......stator power owners?

    hello guys I bought my 06 drz 400 3 weeks ago for the purpose of some serious adventure riding (siberia) ive never owned a trail bike before so its all new to me,after serious thought and research the drz was the bike of choice after brands like ktm honda or husky,i narrowed it down closely with the xchallenge from bmw but simplicity and originality won the decision making and $$$$$ ,i never wanted speed,to me reliability and sourcing parts was paramount and i didnt expect much from the little dizzer but i must say its won me over big time,it has character and my life is going to depend on its persona in places far from civilization...i feel i can trust her . Now one thing i would throw out to current owners,at the moment my planning is at primary stage,more research into adapting and turning the bike into a light weight adventure bike to suit my requirements.Every aspect of the bikes weaknesses i feel i can address over the next few months,most people know what i mean,from chain tensioners engine guards fuel capacity and various mods for power but one thing i cant get my head around is the stator power,im hearing all sorts of different stories My aim: I want to run a monterra gps system,semtech heated grips(around 40watts) and dual led spot lights (est 30-40 watts) I understand the stator output is 200w on the drz S,i also know theres a place that sells stator upgrades in the states but ive read varied reviews, Do you think the bike would be under pressure with these additives? My plan would be to put a lower powered led tail light to save a few amps and change the indicators and headlight to led. Does anybody run heated grips and high powered spots, Great to hear some feed back Thanks guys