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  1. The plug in that sets it to race mode is great at the track, but I think you will find it of little use off road. For one thing Husky got more than enough power for off road use unless you’re a pro level rider. Second it really reduces the range. I ride in the Sierras and even in rough conditions I can get around 100 miles. With the race plug you will get about half of that.
  2. I also came from a road riding back ground. At first I was very disappointed with the Husky TE 449. It’s not a very good street bike. But once a starting riding a lot of dirt I learned to love the Husky. It just shines off road. All accept the seat, that things made of rock.
  3. I have been told by at least 3 people who were very knowledgeable about the Huskys that it should be ridden fairly hard the first 100-200 miles to seat the rings properly
  4. 2013 Husky TE449 I was riding a nasty section of trail that was steep, tight, and rocky switchbacks going uphill when I suddenly lost my clutch. The resistance on the lever went to nothing, and the clutch didnt work With no clutch the engine died when I got in a bad spot. The usually easy starting Husky was suddenly very hard starting. I barely got it going before the battery died. And had to give it lots of throttle, something I thought you’re not supposed to do with fuel injection. After fighting like heck to get it to the top of the hill, where it leveled off and I could get some speed, the clutch slowly came back. The clutch line runs right past the exhaust so I figured heat was the issue but I didn’t know. But the hard starting continued for the rest of the day The next day the first startup was very easy but on a very slow ride up an easy grade (1st gear, we were looking for a lost GPS) I lost my clutch again. And when we stopped I almost didn’t get it going again. Later that day we did a fast climb (3rd-4th gear) to the top of a mountain lookout at around 8000 ft. The other riders, mostly on DRZ’s, complained about noticeable lack of power, but the husky really kicked it hard up to the top, and no clutch loss. So I don’t think there anything wrong with the motor. Although the hard starts when the engine is warm is now persistant. I never heard the fan turn on. And after the problems started I began to monitor the fan position the see if it ever moved. I’m pretty sure that the fan never turned on and it’s causing the clutch failure and the hard starts. I tried to bypass the thermostat and turn the fan on full time but it didn’t work and I got a fail code on the computer. I’ve been riding this bike all summer on some very hard rides on hot days (over 100 F) and it’s been great. Now I’m afraid to go anywhere I can’t get my truck to for a recovery. Please help me out with some advice