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  1. chipwich

    Ethanoled Gas got Me!!!

    I've been dealing with this for a few years. Ethanol is a huge problem with new Ducatis, especially the Sport Classics with the stock polycarbonate tanks (made by Acerbis btw), and the Multi Strada. From experience: Marine grade Sta-bil does the trick. Make sure to get the Marine grade, available at any auto parts store. Will preserve your fuel indefinitely, and solve the Ethanol problem. Besides, unless you commute on your bike, you probably need to treat your fuel anyway. Don't worry, be happy.
  2. chipwich

    Procycle, Corbin or Sergent Seat

    Matt, the kit is really easy to install if you have a stapler. Love my Seat Concepts seat. Still comfortable after and an 8 hr. and 200+ miles off road day. Amazing.
  3. chipwich

    DR650 Seat Survey

    Seat Concepts Dual Sport/Comfort kit for DR650E in all Carbon Fiber Most of those questions don't apply, since this seat is _really_ comfortable. Case in point, I did a 230 mile dual sport ride about a month ago, which broke down into about 160 miles of forestry roads, 30 miles of single track, and 40 miles of asphalt. Took about 8 hours with a stop for lunch. The best part is that I didn't think about my rear end all day. Not so with the rest of the other 19 guys on the ride. Lots of soar bums reported at the campfire after the ride, especially from the KTM crowd. I should write a short review on this product since I've been so satisfied with it. The install was a piece of cake and it fits and looks great. Two enthusiastic thumbs up to the Seat Concepts guys. I can't imagine a more comfortable seat, and at about half the cost of the others. Picture http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showpost.php?p=9808199&postcount=1367
  4. chipwich

    Pit Bikes... Lets see 'em!!

    Restored from a rusted hulk.
  5. chipwich

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Added a Seat Concepts carbon fiber seat kit, Clarke tank with Raptor petcock, and swapped the rear rack for a Wolfman tool bag. Pretty happy with her now, but possibly will do suspension and lowered pegs as winter projects. What a fun bike. Does everything well.
  6. chipwich

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Yellow is nice, but black's the stuff. Good looker T30. Did an epic 186 mile DS ride with 19 other guys yesterday. Very dusty up there now boys. We badly need some rain! Ready to roll, my DR650 is just out of the picture on the right, because this is a DR photo thread . It held up very well against the orange and blue hoard.
  7. chipwich


    I also like the T63 and am running a D606 front/T63 rear combo. No complaints at all on the grip off road, especially when running 18 lbs. tp (26 on the street). But the bead on the T63 is so freaking stiff that I couldn't break it with my pitiful little girley arms (even after jumping up and down on it with my 250 lbs. of fat man). I would hate to do a trail flat fix. Switching to the D606 rear once the T63 is worn. Will take a while it seems. The T63 works surprisingly well on the street too if properly inflated.
  8. chipwich

    Stock exhaust ?

    I feel an exhaustectomy coming on.
  9. I was mounting up my new Clarke 3.7 last night and couldn't quite get the black plastic faring that is in front of the stock tank to fit. Does everyone just remove it? BTW, I am using a Raptor petcock from Pro-Cycle, and it works fine even though it is only listed for the IMS and stock tanks. I had to ream one side of the petcock mount hole slightly with a drill bit (very easy), but otherwise is a bolt on. It might be that the petcock hole wasn't drilled perfectly at manufacture. Thanks dudes and dudettes.
  10. chipwich

    Nuts!!! Always a compromise when getting a new bike!!!

    The DR650 does fine on trails, and way better than marginal IMO. It's just not a race bike. I dropped over thirty lbs with FMF pipe, tank, losing the passenger pegs, shovel, etc. Sure, it will never flick like a KTM or a WR. But you can move pretty quickly on trails with DOT knobbies even with the stock suspenders. Upgrade the brakes, and you will go like a scalded dog in the twisties. Then run home on the highway at on the Interstate at 75-80mph without giving it a second thought, all the while laughing about how cheap the damn thing is. The DR is bloody brilliant IMO.
  11. chipwich

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    From a solo dual sport ride Sunday afternoon in North Georgia. Along Duncans Ridge entered on the Wolf Pen Gap end. Coming... ...and going.
  12. chipwich

    DR650 stock springs, preload spacer help

    Thanks guys. The service manual says #10 oil, 6.5 inches (164mm) from the top. I'll try preload and heavier fork oil before raising the oil level. I'll let you know how it goes. One more question, speaking of raising the oil level, I usually run air bleeders on forks with the the little air bleeder ports. Has anyone tried drilling and tapping the DR fork caps to fit the bleeders? Thanks.
  13. chipwich

    DR650 stock springs, preload spacer help

    Greetings. I've got a new to me '06 DR650 that I am setting up to ride the Land Between the Lakes 200 Dual Sport this coming weekend. Since I won't have time to have the shock done or order the fork kit, I was wondering if a preload space and fork oil change would be worth the effort in the sort term, being about 245 lbs. in riding gear. I've stripped a bunch of heavy crap off of the bike, like passenger pegs, reflectors, grab handles (can use the rack), shovel, and done a pipe swap, but with tools and my weight the stock suspension will be crushed. I read a post where a rider cranked up his shock preload to the max, and added I believe 3/4" PVC spacers and a fork oil change on the front end. This sounds pretty small to me. Does anyone have any practical experience with spacer length and oil height or weight? I also been reading the FAQ and posts here, but most point to ProCycle or Cogent upgrades. I know that these are relatively poor substitutes for proper springs and valves, but I'm in a time pinch and just need to get past the weekend. TIA for the help.
  14. chipwich

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Nice shots bchunter
  15. chipwich

    DR650 gearing

    I stand corrected. Looks like I was running 14/42. The bike is new to me, and I was going by what the PO stated. Seems pretty good for dual sport. Would want the stock 15T for Sumo though. 520 conversion on my wish list.