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  1. the desert racer

    Thinking of maybe a 13/14 350sx-f

    @PaulP drove yesterday the 350 again, but now in the sand. Changing over and over with my rmz 450, my Suzuki felt like a roadtrain. My riding style is a bit more suited to a 2 stroke so no problems with revving. The engine is very responsive, with less brake effect into the turns. A 450 at speed my kill you after 15 min. of racing, while the 350 helps you a bit more. I bet that you will as fast with the 350 as with a 450, for a longer time. Yes, i also had a hard time decising, but a 350 is an eye opener.
  2. the desert racer

    Thinking of maybe a 13/14 350sx-f

    PaulP, I rode last week on a hardpack track both a '13 350 and a 450. Weighing in at 220lbs, and being 6 ft. i'm not a featherweight. The 350 was totally stock, the 450 was fully adjusted for a national racer, incl. heavier springs front and rear. My present bike is a '05 RMZ 450, but I'm dealing with the same problem as you do. The 350 should be the perfect bike for your weight/length, as far as you can manage a fluent riding style. You have to keep the speeds in corners more constant, while the 450 accomodates a more edgy/square riding style. The 350 feels like a very well steering /beefed up 250, while the 450 gives the 'wow what a powerful bike' feeling. This weekend i will try the 350 again on a sandy track, so i will post again after the weekend.