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  1. Running yz450f, enlarged tank, rekluse, lhrb, boysen pump, trail tech, and smaller main sprocket and 18" rear. It's fun in the rocky hills and tight trails.
  2. Txkawboy, did code work for you
  3. I run my brake over clutch. Find clutch redundant with rekluse 3.0. Running 07 yz450. I moved the hot start to bottom so I could get levers in better position. I was having issues with clutch lever being to close. Today I broke it 1/4 way off and found I actually like the shorter lever as it opens area up.
  4. Do you still need code
  5. Gink

    What are your biggest Fears

    Doing a huge upgrade to bike then having to work all weekend
  6. Gink

    Is there a way to sharpen these footpegs?

    Go light with grinding wheel. If there titanium it will chatter
  7. 10 hours too short. Need a epic box set. Movie per style of moto
  8. Gink

    Chain lube explosion

    Spraying on brakes makes you go faster on downhills. Lhrb works especially well
  9. Well I made mistake of just throwing it in back of truck. Well the top got presses by ramp and exploded all over bike and truck. Damn that dry lubes a pain in the ass to get off. Ended up using water and minor mix of thinner. That and bud didn't show for ride made a boring day
  10. Gink

    Is there a way to sharpen these footpegs?

    I used Dremel with cutoff wheel. Just use flat sides to sharpen teeth. I felt same way. They are way too expensive. Figure get years out of sharpen
  11. Mine is also slightly spongey at setup . When you have it to safe point take it for rip and work the brake. It will improve.
  12. Perfect thanks for great heads up
  13. Do I need to split case to replace seals or can it be done from pump side. Sorry but I haven't done any work in on pump yet.
  14. Gink

    Skid plate recommendation

    No complaints about the gtyr skid plate. Bolted up to the bike no problems and came with foam.
  15. Any recommendations to change when opening up water pump. Doing cover gaskets. What else is recommended to change at same time