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  1. bill999

    1986 xl250r turn signals

    After hours of looking into this, the issue is with the resistance and the single bulb in the dash. Apparently I need to install diods. Can this be done at the signal or does it have to be done at the dash bulb?
  2. The prior owner clipped all the wires for the turn signals. I bought led signals and led relay and hooked everything up. However no matter which way (left or right) the switch is set all 4 lights come on and blink. The signal have black and yellow wires. I assume the black is the power. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. bill999

    xr80 clutch engagement

    I bought an xr80 for my kids. It shifts fine, but when it's shifted into a gear it seems like engine revs but the bike does not move any faster, like the clutch is engaged a little bit. Could the issue be worn springs, or plates? Any ideas would be appreciated.