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    1985 kdx 200 rebuild

    here we go. ive never posted on this forum but did a lot of searching. the kawasaki site is very cool also. please feel free to call me names if these questions have been posted a 1000 times before. purchased a 85 kdx 200 from close friends that has been beat, thrashed, and abused. either way it runs and we ride it all the time and its still fun. found a 85 frame on ebay and the plan is to swap everything from one frame to the new one. instead of searching any futher than i already have the plan is to possibly go with a disk brake rear. if anybody already knows what works for a conversion for the easiest swap that info would help in the search. figured i would start looking now so i can buy whatever rim disk brake conversion would work so i can start the swap this winter. now for the big question. might be hard to believe but there is a 1986 honda cr front end welded to the frame! rumor has it the kawasaki front end was thrashed so they decided to use the honda because it already had a disk brake instead of the kawasaki drum. sooo, i'm back to the same problem. obviously i need a comple set up with forks and trees and so forth. i would much rather have a disk brake in the front also and am looking for the proper fit from another bike that fits the kawasaki stem bearing and whatever. the plan is to try and upgrade from the drum brakes and have disks front and rear along with the normal engine rebuild and other bits and pieces that need replaced and reworked. i'm just trying to bring this machine back to its original glory with some newer tech with the brakes so im ready for the next year. all help is appreciated and i'll try to post pics if i make any progress. alex