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  1. I work for State Farm, We do in fact have specific dirt bike insurance. Its called "trail bike and is under the recreational vehicle applications. same type as atv, dunebuggy, and golf carts. State Farm Recreational Vehicle insurance basic facts Vehicles covered under this insurance may include: • All-Terrain Vehicles • Minibikes • Camping Trailers • Snowmobiles • Dune Buggies • Trail Bikes • Golf Carts • Travel Trailers Our recreational vehicle insurance includes: • Liability Coverage – Pays for damages due to bodily injury and property damage to others for which you are responsible. If you are sued, it also pays for your defense and court costs. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages are some examples of bodily injury damages. Property damage includes damage to property and loss of its use. • Medical Payments Coverage – Pays for medical and funeral expenses for bodily injury sustained by a covered person in a recreational vehicle accident. The bodily i njury must be initially treated within one year after the accident. The medical expenses must be reasonable and necessary, and the medical services must be furnished within three years after the accident. The most we wi ll pay for funeral expenses is the lower of your limit or $3,000. • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage – If available in your state, pays for damages arising out of a recreational vehicle accident caused by another person who has no liability insurance. • Underinsured Motor Vehicle Coverage – If available in your state, pays for damages arising out of a recreational vehicle accident caused by another person who is insured but is considered “underinsured” in your state. • Physical Damage Coverage – Pays for repairs to or replacement of your recreational vehicle and its equipment if damaged in an accident. For an additional premium, we’ll also cover a trailer used to carry your off-road vehicle.
  2. I'm coming to agree and understand what you mean. Its fun for zipping around some city blocks but now that I've found some spots to jump off the road and into some dirt areas around me its been awesome! The plug just seems to allow it to ride better when I put it in. I was having horrible idle issues and starting troubles that are gone afterward.
  3. Rearwheelin where did you get your catch can? I like the set up and it doesn't look to blingy. And I guess the hose from the gear box venting in the airbox is rerouted to top of that can left side of pic and right is a breather with bottom going back where?
  4. Seat was a nightmare. Don't know who at husqvarna thought that was a good idea. I'm tall and skinny so the seat feel like a 2x4 wedged in my butt. Definitely the first purchase improvement I'm making is new seat. I tried putting all kinds of stuff in my pants to cushion but just looked funny haha. So excited for this new adventure!
  5. Well made it home after three brutal hours on the bike. Best weather I've ridden in which was blessing. I know this is just me coming from road racing sportbikes but I was really impressed with power. I was told by dealer that they did power up and as I did my oil change I checked and found that it wasn't installed. As angry as I am with them I can't wait to get the plug and see more power!
  6. Well i have my new bike and made it half the way home and at the hotel now! Its a whole new world then the sportsbike world I'm used to racing and riding. I kept having the feeling that I should turn off the street and ride through some fields and into the forest by the roads.
  7. After all the reading I've done on hard break in vs soft I believe the hard method seems like a better method within reason, I will probably stop halfway and change the oil but the heat cycling technique was a bit vague... Any help there?
  8. I'm planning on buying my 13' te 449 Saturday and have lost my planned trailer to get the bike home. Trip is 150 miles from dealer to home. I can avoid highway so staying under 50 to 60 is possible. My question is how bad is this idea for the engine? I can stop multiple times to take breaks.. Is this risking engine issues? First oil change is at 300 miles right? I've been following this great community for weeks while scoping out bikes. Thanks for any help from you all!